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March 717 – Widescreen Gallery

Submitted by on November 11, 2014

March 717 A revised 707, the March 717 is a one of a kind, 8.8 litre, 800 horsepower, 200 mile-per-hour CanAm monster of the past.

Images: Speed O Graphica  – Marcel Hundscheid

March 717_pic 16Originally, Robin Herd designed a sports car following the design of the McLaren M8 back in 1970. Herd used the mighty Chevrolet V8 that produced well over 700 hp. As Herd produced the 1970 Group 7 car, they dubbed it the March 707.March 717_pic 19

Group 7 was in fact a set of regulations used for both two-seater racing cars from 1966-75 and international formula racing cars from 1976-81. The Canadian-American Challenge Cup, also known as Can-Am was open to Group 7 cars. This series would see the most powerful racing machines ever build, dominated by McLaren and later Porsche.March 717_pic 15

The revised version pictured here was a revised version of the original 707, known as the March 717. The chassis was upgraded including a revised nose. Furthermore the radiators were moved to the sides of the V8 engine.March 717_pic 4

This particular car is particularly rare, as it is the only March 717 in existence.

March 717_pic 2It is often seen at historic racing events in Europe using a Chevrolet 8.8 litre engine (537 cu in) generating 800 bhp (597 KW), using a 5 speed gearbox build by Hewland.

March 717_pic 13The car has a weight of just 800 kgs and has a top speed of 325 km/h (202 mph).

Take a look at the full gallery here:

March 717_pic 14

March 717_pic 12

March 717_pic 10

March 717_pic 9

March 717_pic 7

March 717_pic 11

March 717_pic 8

March 717_pic 1

March 717_pic 3

March 717_pic 5

March 717_pic 6

March 717_pic 18

March 717_pic 20

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