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Go Race in this 1983 Lola 596C Sports Racer

Submitted by on December 16, 2014

1983 Lola 596C Sports Racer

Images: Fantasy Junction

This 1983 Lola 596C sports racer is an absolutely awesome historic racer thats affordable and ready to rock. It’s up for sale at Fantasy Junction.

Showing great spirit for the sport, Fantasy Junction have been running the car as their team car, and they’ve done pretty well with it!

It’s run up and down the west coast of America putting its stamp on historic endurance racing there. The SCCA Illigen Classic 4-Hours, NASA 12-Hours and 12 Hours of the Cascades all sit upon its resume. And those are just the bullet points – they estimate that this is the most winning small bore sports race car in the United States.

1983 Lola 596C Sports Racer

Being that it’s an active endurance race car, it comes set up as such! Our favourite feature? The Drummond bridgeported 12A Mazda rotary, which runs through a Taylor Racing gearbox and Hewland Mk. 9 five-speed transmission.

Everything on this machine is chosen to find the perfect balance of endurance and speed, and its results on the track tell us that it’s hit the mark.

When you go racing, you need spares – and this car is sold with everything you need. Wheels, spare bits of body, gears, moulds – the works.

1983 Lola 596C Sports Racer

Most often scariest moment we experience when looking at historic race cars, is the one in which we encounter the price. This car, however, as gentle on the wallet as it isn’t on its competitors! US$59,500 will put you in the drivers seat.

This 1983 Lola 596C represents a stunning opportunity to get into the thick of historic racing in a well sorted, proven machine – and we love it. Get out there, race and celebrate the golden age of motorsport in the best way possible.

Head to Fantasy Junction’s website here for the full details.

Images via Fantasy Junction

1983 Lola 596C Sports Racer

1983 Lola 596C Sports Racer

1983 Lola 596C Sports Racer

1983 Lola 596C Sports Racer

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