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Mario Andretti- Lotus 80- Photo of the day

Submitted by on December 23, 2014

mario andretti Lotus 80Mario Andretti tests an early version of the radical yet troublesome Lotus 80.

The original car would require no wings due to the huge downforce it produced and the team was excited with the possibilities.

However, a serious problem was encountered during testing. Mario Andretti reported that at speed the car behaved very well, but in braking and cornering, where speeds were lower, the car lost downforce alarmingly then regained it unexpectedly. It was discovered the car was generating too much downforce for the driver to cope with. The problem was twofold: firstly, the ground effect’s low pressure area under the car was moving around with the car’s centre of gravity. The phenomenon was known as porpoising, as the car appeared to be lifting and squatting at different speeds, causing it to lurch violently through corners. Secondly, the slightest difference in track ride height including off cambered corners, kerbs, etc. affected the undercar pressure hugely. The team experimented by fitting the car with wings, but this had little effect on the way the car behaved. Andretti persevered with the car, but his new team mate Carlos Reutemann refused to drive it and stayed with the Lotus 79.




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