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Maserati A6GCM – widescreen gallery – Premium

Submitted by on December 15, 2014

Maserati A6GCM_pic 1

Only 12 single seat Maserati A6GCM were built between 1951 and 1953. They were used in Formula 2, and later in a handful of non-championship F1 races. Maserati A6GCM_pic 11The car pictured here is driven by Julia de Baldanza. She started racing back in 2002 and appeared at major historic motorsport events in Europe, such as the Goodwood Revival, the Monaco Historic Grand Prix and the Le Mans Classic., the Spa Six Hours and the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.

Maserati A6GCM_pic 3 A6GCM stands for:

  • A6: represented the name in the series, A for Alfieri (Maserati), 6 for 6 cylinders
  • G: Ghisa, as the engine block was in cast iron
  • C: Corsa for Racing
  • M: Monoposto for single seater

Maserati A6GCM_pic 6 Medardo Fantuzzi developed the aluminum frame for the A6GCM weighing between 550 and 570 kg.

Maserati A6GCM_pic 19The overall shape and design of the chassis followed closely the lines of the 4CLT/48, using a newly developed front suspension and brakes.

Maserati A6GCM_pic 2Maserati used different types of an inline 6-cylinder 2.0 litre engine with a double overhead camshaft including three two-barrel Weber carburettors, creating between 160 and 197 hp, mated to a 4-speed gear box.

Maserati A6GCM_pic 16

The car could reach a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph)

Maserati A6GCM_pic 20

Maserati´s A6GCM was entered in 151 races as it completed 8 race finishes.

Maserati A6GCM_pic 5

With 23 podiums and 6 Grand Prix race wins, the car could finally challenge the dominant Ferraris.

Maserati A6GCM_pic 8However, it is often best remembered for its breathtaking shape.

Maserati A6GCM_pic 10 The finer details are just as beautiful, too.

Maserati A6GCM_pic 17These particular shots were taken by Marcel Hundscheid of Speed O Graphica, exclusively for Motorsport Retro Premium users. Maserati A6GCM_pic 12
Maserati A6GCM_pic 7

Maserati A6GCM_pic 18  © Marcel Hundscheid / Speed-O-Graphica.com         

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