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“You have to make them live.” Capturing the Monaco Historique – video

Submitted by on December 27, 2014

Monaco Historique

This beautifully-shot look at the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique gets it. It’s a pure celebration of the golden age of motorsport, and why we all love it.

“You can’t have gravel pits where people can spin into because there’s nowhere to have it because there’s a hotel or house there.”

The streets of Monaco, cradled as they are by the beautiful harbour, are amongst the most beautiful in the world. When they’re set up for racing – they get even better.

And when the racing cars doing said racing are the most glorious examples of motorsport’s golden age, they’re more beautiful still!

This video, by Carwell Casswell, sets a new bar for production values. It captures Monaco, the glorious machinery of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique and the legendary drivers who race them perfectly.

“These aren’t works of art that you hang on the wall. They’re something which have to be enjoyed. You have to make them live.”

It’s no slouch when it comes to the content either! The stunning visuals are set against the insights of great drivers like Derek Bell, Alain De Cadenet and Stirling Moss as they reflect on what makes Monaco so gripping; so special.

If you didn’t have the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique on your bucket list before watching this, you most certainly will after. Take three minutes and settle in for pure classic motorsport inspiration.

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