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Best of 2014: Classic Formula 1

Submitted by on January 8, 2015

Why Ayrton Senna was so fast (video)

Senna Canada

Image: The Cahier Archive

Many will argue with great reason why Ayrton Senna remains the greatest racing driver of all time, however it is significantly less often that people speak with specifics regarding what exact traits made this so. What talents may Ayrton have had which placed him on a different level to the other greats of his time? What did he do differently to the rest?

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Niki Lauda – “We need to change Formula One”


Opening Image: Niki Lauda with Mauro Forghieri at the 1976 Italian Grand Prix (The Cahier Archive)

Three time World Champion Niki Lauda speaks out, calling for more aggressive, faster Formula One cars which are more difficult to drive, and more exciting to watch.

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Video: This is why we love Formula 1

Formula 1

Get revved up with this fantastic video, which will stir your emotions, ignite your adrenalin and kick start some Formula 1 fever!

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LEGO Formula 1 Masterpieces – Gallery

Formula 1 Lego

Images: Luca Rusconi

Computer software, 3D modelling and good old fashioned creativity come together to allow the hands of Luca Rusconi to craft these incredible LEGO Formula 1 models.

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Experience the 1978 Italian GP with Jacques Laffite

Jacques Laffite 1978

Ride onboard the ’78 Matra powered Ligier F1 car, and listen to that V12 scream!

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Video: Five of the best-sounding Formula 1 engines

Best Sounding Formula 1 Engines

These five terrific videos showcase the best-sounding engines ever heard in F1.

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