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Best of 2014: Classic Motorsport Video

Submitted by on January 5, 2015

Pure Sounds: Ayrton Senna’s V12 scream

Senna 1991 Australia

If there’s a better sound out there than this, we’d like to know about it.

Watch here..

FIAT S76 – 28.5 Litres of pure flame spitting glory

Fiat S76

Just wait ’till you hear this thing!

Watch here..

Video: Monsters of hillclimb

Monsters of Hillclimb

The idea of this video is to celebrate overpowered cars that are hard to control on the hillclimb. We approve.

Watch here..

Video: Inspiring Formula 1 video borrows from upcoming Sci-Fi hit

Formula 1 Interstellar

Borrowing an audio track from an upcoming Hollywood Sci-Fi film by the name of Interstellar, this user-created clip overlays some hard-hitting Formula 1 visuals with great effect. We really enjoyed this, and we think you guys will too.

Watch here..

Video: Ferrari F1 V6 vs V12 pure sounds!

Formula 1 V12 V6 Sounds

Go on – treat your ears this holiday season.

Watch here..

Video: Keeping BRM alive

Keeping BRM Alive

A touching story of two men working on some of the most amazing machines to ever see the track.

Watch here..

Honda F1 engines of the past – FW11 unleashed

Honda F1 Engines Unleashed

Soak up the glorious sound of 1980s turbocharged Formula One as Honda engineers fire up Nigel Mansell’s old FW11 and take it for a blast. The Honda F1 V6TT engine was capable of over 1000hp.

Watch here..

Overtake Ayrton Senna – A how-to by Nelson Piquet

How to Overtake Ayrton Senna

How to overtake Ayrton Senna – an eleven second demonstration by none other than Nelson Piquet.

Watch here..

That BRM V16 note – Goodwood Festival of Speed


The BRM V16 first raced in 1950, and by the end of its official development was sporting close to 600bhp from just 1.5L. It’s exhaust note is truly unique.

Watch here..

Video: Lewis Hamilton has a drive of Ayrton Senna’s MP4/4

Lewis Hamilton Senna McLaren

…and admits he doesn’t know how the heroes of the 1980s did it!

In this video, Lewis Hamilton slides behind the wheel of the 1200hp machine in which Ayrton Senna won his first world championship.

Watch here..

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