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Mercedes Benz Gullwing Gallery – Premium

Submitted by on January 16, 2015

FFF_1080An intimate look at the comeback effort which became one of the most iconic sportscars to ever race.

Images & Story Jayson Fong of Form & Function

LMC_1603Post war Mercedes Benz, a company that lay in disarray after WWII changed the world forever. The domination of the Silver Arrows in the pre-war era couldn’t seem more distant.LMC_1557However, in 1952, Mercedes Benz would make a stunning return to sportscar racing with one of the most iconic cars to have ever been made – the 300SL ‘Gullwing’.


LMC_9918Ask almost any car enthusiast to think of some iconic cars from the automotive world and the Mercedes Benz 300SL will no doubt be among one of the top selections.LMC_0588 Although very much recognized in modern times for its stunning and timeless design, many also forget the motorsport blood of the car that now comes with such a tremendous price tag.



LMC_8785Coded the W194, the 300SL was initially built purely as a racing sports car.LMC_8800 However by 1954, road cars bearing the 300SL badge would become part of the legend with 1400 cars being built for both purposes until 1957.

FFF_1005The link to its motorsport upbringing is evident in its name, the letters S-L representing the words “sport licht” or Light and Sporty.LMC_0583 Using a lightweight spaceframe chassis, Mercedes Benz would enter the 1952 Le Mans 24Hr looking for an advantage in their competitive sports car to bring the Silver Arrows back into the light.LMC_1605 Part of the lightweight solution was the implementation of the iconic ‘gullwing doors’ which minimized deformation to the spaceframe and allow it to retain its strength.


DSC_6796Furthermore, powered by a 3.0 Inline-6 Cylinder, the 300SL was an example of a winning formula that combined aerodynamics, lightweight and power to create a package that was both a useable and durable machine for racing duty.



LMC_1418The 300SL quickly made itself a legend before production ceased and today has continued to inspire Mercedes Benz to produce formidable road and race cars.DSC_6702 The 300SL – A car that could handle all the action on the track and remain an extremely desirable road machine off of it, it was truly the culmination of form and function.FFF_2190

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