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Shannons Club: Volvo 122S: Swedish star that could have been a ‘V8 Supercar’

Submitted by on January 30, 2015

Volvo 122S

Image: www.autopics.com.au thanks to the Shannons Club

In the early 1960s the idea of a Volvo driver was yet to be invented, and the Swedish marque’s lovely 122S was definitely not the sort of car that would inspire it. In fact, if things have gone a little differently it could have been a serious Bathurst contender.

Volvo had spent the early ‘50s hard at work building exciting concept machines in search of the right recipe to crack the United States’ large market. Along the way Jan Wilsgaard created a compact 3.6-litre  V8 that was light, tough and perfect for motorsport, and while the car it was designed for never hit production, the motor certainly did.

And that’s where the Volvo 122S comes in, although it only received half of Wilsgaard’s original V8. Enjoy its story in Volvo 122s: Swedish star that could have been a ‘V8 Supercar’ thanks to our friends at the Shannons Club.

Thanks to the Shannons Club

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