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Video: Guy Martin Rides the Britten V1000

Submitted by on February 2, 2015

Britten V1000

The exceptionally fast, exotic and futuristic Britten V1000 is a thing of inspiration and wonder. In this video, British motorcycle racer Guy Martin scores a very lucky day and takes it for a spin at Manfield Autocourse.

Forgoing fanciful filmmaking, beautiful bokeh and rousing soundtracks, this video gets straight to the point – an exciting bike where it belongs! It sees Martin take to the track on the gorgeous machine to enjoy a few laps of Manfield Autocourse.

Once back in pit lane he gets into a fascinating discussion about the bike, its handling and its comparison to both modern bikes and other bikes from the era. The guys go into great detail about the Britten’s handling characteristics, elements of its design, and how to ride it to get the most out of it, providing a very intricate feel for this truly special machine.

The Britten V1000 was hand-built by New Zealander John Britten, a motorcycle engineer with a particular affinity for developing his own engines and building bikes using cutting-edge composite materials. His bikes are exceptionally innovative and were on the very cutting edge of design, able to pick off the machines of much bigger teams consistently.

A true racing pioneer and motorsport genius, we’re thrilled to see John Britten’s rare and wonderful bike out on the track and still captivating the motorsport world two decades on.

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