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Video: Porsche Unexpected

Submitted by on February 3, 2015

Porsche Unexpected

Spend three minutes enjoying Porsche Unexpected and cruising through the breathtaking Napa Valley with Vic Elford, Chad McQueen, Patrick Long, Magnus Walker and the unparalleled collection of Porsches that is the Ingram Collection.

This video was put together by eGarage for the Ingram Collection to preface their upcoming book ‘Porsche Unexpected’. It’s beautifully shot and captures the essence of road tripping and enjoying motoring in a stunning way. The scenery is gorgeous, matched only by the cars and the wonderfully flowing roads, but I don’t think that’s what makes this video interesting, or inspiring.

What makes this video compelling it what it says about collecting, particularly, of course, in relation to collections of cars.

It explores the idea of a collection, and what purpose and meaning a collection may serve, as well as what’s learned through the process of building that collection and how it can be used to communicate about the marque the machines come from. It’s a fascinating idea, and one which reflects a journey that can be highly subjective and personal. In a world where classic cars, and particularly cars with interesting histories, are so highly valued, it’s a discussion that’s important to have and to consider.

As is the idea they express that, hey, we’ve built our collection – now it’s time to get out and enjoy the cars and to share them with the world.

Enjoy the video, and hit this link to learn more about, and pick up a copy of, ‘Porsche Unexpected’.

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