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Alex Kelsey’s Mad Creation 2 is an Insane Rally Car Built in a Barn

Submitted by on March 25, 2015


So many of the great moments of the golden age of motorsport started with a twinkle in someone’s eye, a garage and a lot of hard work. You could say the same for some of us, but that’s another story!

Alex Kelsey’s Mad Creation 2 is a rally car built in his family’s barn in Coromandel. It’s brutally fast and belts out an engine note that puts any symphony we’ve ever heard to shame. You need to see it.

Inspired by fellow New Zealander and engineering genius John Britten, Alex Kelsey has spent the past 18 months designing and building an insane rally car based on some pretty clear design goals.

“It needed to look good. It needed to sound good. It needed to be easy to work on and it needed to be cheap to maintain.”

The car, the MC2, seats a Peugeot body over a V6 Renault race engine and suspension designed by Kelsey. It’ll do zero to 200 kilometers an hour in around seven seconds.

Kelsey has a proven track record under his belt already, having won a round of the New Zealand National Rally Championship in his first car – a modified Subaru.

The go-getter spirit and innovation of the golden age of motorsport is strong with this one, and can’t wait to see how he goes when he debuts the MC2 at Rally Hawke’s Bay.

Get to know the car and the mind behind it in this video from 3 News.

And then hop on board for some fierce rallying action in this one!

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