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LeadFoot Festival – A Petrol Head’s Love Story

Submitted by on March 2, 2015

Leadfoot FestivalRod Millen’s LeadFoot Festival is more than an unbelievable racing event, it’s a unique example of one mans idea of paradise.

On second thought, the idea of building a house with a racetrack for a driveway is probably an idea of paradise shared by many worldwide. The primary difference being Rod Millen was crazy enough to do it, the LeadFoot Festival being the ultimate result.

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This extended documentary covers the LeadFoot Festival in great detail. It’s a little bit longer than the videos we normally bring you, however it is right up there with the best. If you’ve got the time, we highly suggest you settle in and give it a watch.

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The clip looks at what the LeadFoot Festival is, how it got started and some of the most interesting cars which attend it. Some of the tales these machines have to share are truly astounding – dating as far back as 1906!

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