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Bringing an Alfa Romeo 6C Spider 2300 MM & 6C 2500 Berlinetta Back to Life

Submitted by on April 15, 2015

Alfa Romeo 6C Spider 2300 MM & 6C 2500 Berlinetta

Episode two of CarTorque’s second season tells the story of two very special and rare cars, an Alfa Romeo 6C Spider 2300 MM and 6C 2500 Berlinetta, being brought back to life by Paul Chaleyer and the team at Historic and Vintage Restorations.

“”Well I’ve bought a couple of Alfas, they’ll be delivered this afternoon.” These two cars arrived, basically as chassis, completely disassembled.”

Assisted by Michael Simcoe, the Vice President of Design for GM International, the team started with two chassis, a pile of bits, a model from the owner and some historic photos. What followed was a once-in-a-lifetime journey that saw these beautiful machines brought back into the world to ride again.

Along the way they uncovered history, pushed their artistic and engineering limits, lived out dreams and built two truly remarkable cars. It’s a beautifully-shot feature that tells a classic story, and has a brilliant bit at the beginning when you can listen to the cars open up and sing.

Follow CarTorque TV on Facebook here. Tune in to episode five this Saturday at 3pm on Channel 10 & Sunday 2pm on Channel One.

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