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Flat Out and Full Noise in a McLaren F1 GTR Long-tail

Submitted by on April 18, 2015

McLaren F1 GTR Long-tail

Join Kenny Bräck for a nicely-pinned run up the hill at Goodwood in a McLaren F1 GTR Long-Tail at the Festival of Speed.

“It’s fast. It’s got no driver aids so you’re on your own in there you know, and I enjoy that because the new cars now have so many things on there you nearly don’t know how to drive them anymore. You don’t know what to expect when something happens. At least here it’s predictable – you’re in the driver’s seat.” – Kenny Brack

The 1998 Indy Racing League champion and Indianapolis 500 winner leaves very little on the table in his runs, and they’re things of on-the-limit sprinting beauty. As is the F1 GTR Long-tail, of course; skipping and sliding and howling its signature BMW V12 song.

Kenny Bräck was chasing Sébastien Loeb and Michael Bartels for the win. Both were in significantly more modern hardware, however, with Loeb piloting his Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak car and Bartels in a Maserati MC12.

Enjoy the video, which covers one lap from outside the car and the second from within. Don’t forget to turn it up!

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