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Door to Door Porsche Racing at Goodwood with Chris Harris

Submitted by on April 14, 2015

Goodwood Members' Meeting

Tag along with the ever-effusive Chris Harris for the feast of motorsport that was the Goodwood 73rd Members’ Meeting. There’s lots of good bits with very, very sideways classic racing cars of all kinds and one of the most exciting races we’ve seen in a long time.

You’ll love it.

The video kicks off calmly, enjoying the history, machinery and feel of the meeting. Harris gives us a look at the Rover SD1 he’s brought to race and then wanders through the pits and paddocks to explore the incredible selection of machinery present on the way to his other race car for the weekend – a ’65 Porsche 911.

“Where else can you see high airbox F1 cars running fast, McLaren F1 GTRs dicing on track and Group C racers going at serious speed. And the fastest race Mini imaginable!”

And then it all gets very exciting, when the pit and paddock wandering concludes and we dive into a race packed with stunning little 911s. It’s Harris at his best – completely sideways and flat out. The field is absolutely on point, putting on a stunning show of sideways, mirror-to-mirror competition.

It’s racing that puts the excitement of contemporary top-tier motorsport to shame, and we can’t get enough of it.

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