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Schumacher and Hill: The Most Controversial Move

Submitted by on May 17, 2015

Schumacher and Hill France 1994

Schumacher and Hill in France, 1994, thanks to the Cahier Archive

Set aside a minute and head back to November of 1994 to recount the controversial end to one of Formula 1’s most closely-competed, contentious and dark seasons. This is the 1994 Adelaide Australian Grand Prix, and Michael Schumacher and Damon Hill are about to end it on a downer.

“Going in to the last place with a one point deficit to Michael is always going to be, unfortunately, putting you in a position where you’ve got everything to lose. It’s over now and it’s a bit of an empty feeling, but I think I gave him a good run for his money.”

Schumacher, driving for Benetton-Ford, and Hill, driving for Williams-Renault, spent the entirety of the 1994 Formula 1 World Championship trading places on the top of the podium. By the time they got to Australia for the closing round of the season they sat well clear of the rest of the field with Schumacher on 92 points and Hill on 91.

When they left Australia they still sat well clear of the rest of the field with Schumacher on 92 points and Hill on 91. There was one substantial change, however – Schumacher had become the Formula 1 World Champion.

His move after coming off during lap 36 would go down as one of the sport’s most controversial. Check it out in the video.

Because Formula 1 has very little understanding of social media, you will have to click through to YouTube to watch the clip.

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