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Driving a Porsche 911 through Downtown LA With Magnus Walker

Submitted by on June 24, 2015

Magnus Porsche 911 Los Angeles

Nothing but the sweet sounds of a very well-sorted Porsche 911 and the evocative aesthetic of the streets of downtown Los Angeles. This video is the spirit of driving condensed into its purest form. Magic.

I think everyone who lives in a big city can appreciate those wonderful, and all too few, hours deep in the night when the streets are empty and the city becomes a blank canvas for automotive exploration.

It’s nothing to do with speed, and everything to do with freedom. Big cities are magic places, full of variety, life and atmosphere. The only problem is that they’re also full of traffic! But when that subsides, suddenly you’re free to roll down the windows and actually drive, unrestricted by the constrictive clutches of everyday traffic; to revel in the feel of the city, the simple joy in hooking new gears when the car or the moment feels right, and not when the traffic requires it.

This video from eGarage and Magnus Walker captures that driving freedom perfectly. Pure and simple, it’s just Magnus, the Porsche and the city of Los Angeles. Turn it up!

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