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Video: The MGB reimagined

Submitted by on June 15, 2015

Mad For MG

Frontline Developments got their start because Tim Fenna was racing an MG Midget that was quick and fun to drive, but had a gearbox that kept quitting out on him half way through events.

So they built a better one, and now they’re doing the same, and a whole lot more, for other cars. These are some seriously impressive machines – the MGs of dreams.

Clients come to Frontline Developments with cars, and hopes and dreams of where they’d like those cars to be. The workshop puts their considerable engineering experience and technologies to work, and builds a car to meet them. They build cars that are driveable, balanced and practical, but which will come alive when you open them up to reveal the real monster within.

One such car is the Abington Edition. Under the bonnet lies a two and a half litre, 304 horsepower, engine. It’s driveable and enjoyable on everyday roads, but it’ll also do naught to sixty in 3.8 seconds, and it make a wonderful sound when it does!

This video from /DRIVEN takes you into the workshop to get to know their story, and some of their mad MGs. Hit play!

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