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Classic Documentary: The Real James Hunt

Submitted by on July 27, 2015

James Hunt 1975 Dutch Grand Prix

Hunt on the way to his first Formula 1 Grand Prix victory in the 1975 Dutch Grand Prix, thanks to the Cahier Archive

Go beyond the mystique to learn more about the man in this 2001 documentary – The Real James Hunt.

“James Hunt was unlike any other racing driver. In a sport that demands cool precision, he was hot-headed; volatile; passionate.”

A World Champion driver with a fierce talent, a temper to match and a lust for life that eclipsed them both, James Hunt is one of the characters of Formula 1 who epitomises its golden age.

This 2001 documentary directed by Ralph Lee goes in depth into his life and career to find out who the real James Hunt was. It’s fascinating, enlightening, inspiring and, at times, both joyous and sad. Set aside some time and take it all in – with a life as high-octane as James’ it’s going to be quite a ride!

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