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For Sale: A Le Mans-Winning 2007 Aston Martin DBR9

Submitted by on July 7, 2015

Aston Martin DBR9

Images: Fiskens

In 2007 David Brabham, Darren Turner and Rickard Rydell drove this 2007 Aston Martin DBR9 to victory in the GT1 class in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Today, it’s up for sale at Fiskens, and could be yours.

“It will be hard for anyone to deny that [Le Mans] is the greatest motor race in the world, and the fact that it is once a year gives it a special feeling. You have a long time to anticipate it, a long time to train for it and you have only 24 hours to get it wrong.” – David Richards, Aston Martin Racing Chairman

Aston Martin DBR9

The car, 009, was the first Aston Martin to secure a win in the great race since their DBR1 won it outright back in 1959. They were so chuffed with the performance that they retired it after the race, its first, and put it on display in the Aston Martin Racing Heritage Centre. It’s stayed there ever since!

The DBR9 uses the DB9’s aluminium block and cylinder head, adds 150bhp and produces a 600bhp V12. That motor sits low in the chassis and pulls air via a series of carbon fibre intakes. The exhaust runs through the side sills, lighting up when the car backfires at night. An Xtrac six-speed gearbox is mounted longitudinally to the rear axle and pushes power through purpose-built magnesium wheels. Carbon fibre disks have the job of keeping all of this in check.

Aston Martin DBR9

It borrows from the DB9’s bonded aluminium chassis as a basis, which sits on double wishbone suspension and is wrapped in a body hand made from carbon fibre panels.

The whole thing tips the scales at just 1150 kilograms, so the ACO added a further 25kg of ballast before it ran in Le Mans.

Its sold with an Aston Martin Racing book that chronicles the 2007 race and the car’s journey, including commentary from the team’s key members.

A very special car with a very special history, this machine is only going to get better with age. Head to Fisken’s website here for more information.

Images via Fiskens.

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