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Photos & Report: the Spa Summer Classic Sings in the Belgian Ardennes

Submitted by on September 9, 2015

Porsche 930 Turbo

Images and story by Marcel Hundscheid / Speed-O-Graphica.com

If you enjoy classic motorsports the Spa Summer Classic held on the legendary Spa-Francorchamps track is a must see. For the 8th edition of this great event, several hundreds of historic touring cars, GTs, single seaters and sports cars found their way to the Ardennes rollercoaster.

Twenty-years ago, the Roadbook organisation, managed by Vincent Collard and Alain Defalle created the Spa Six Hours. As the event got bigger and bigger over the years, the number of participants increased significantly and the Roadbook organisation had to refuse requests to participate. However, the Roadbook organisation had the bright idea to create a younger brother of the Spa Six Hours to be held at the beginning of the summer.

Ford Escort_SAC_Andy Pike-Tony Paxman_Spa_150627_IMG_8724

Eight years ago the Spa Summer Classic was born, allowing enthusiasts and owners of classic racing cars to compete in a packed meeting. During the weekend of June 26th, 27th and 28th Roadbook hosted the 8th consecutive edition of the Spa Summer Classic, held on one of the most beautiful race tracks in the world.

Belgian Historic Cup

Ten grids filled the entry lists, featuring classic GTs, touring cars as well as single seaters. One of the bigger grids was provided by the Belgian Historic Cup, producing a stunning 78 cars grid. In Belgium BRAVO (Belgian Racing Automobile Vintage Organisation) has been existing for over 30 years. Seven years ago BRAVO decided to set up a national championship known as Belgian Historic Cup and open to all cars until the of 1976. A great variety of cars could be seen including lots of different Porsches, BMW’s, Ford’s and many more. Over the weekend, two thirty-minute races were held. On Saturday two Porsche 964s battled it out. Victory went to the 964 of van Philippe van Beurden and Patrick Michiels. Second place was claimed by the 964 of Diederick Ceyssens as Britain Steve Dance finished third in a classic Ford Capri 2600. On Sunday Dance proved to be too quick as he claimed overall victory. Pierre-Yves Pacque scored a second place in a Porsche 911, as Chris van Schuppen finished third in a Porsche Cup.

Belgian Historic Cup

Spa Ardennes Challenge

This race accepted a wide variety of classic sports cars, GTs, touring and saloon cars, build between the ‘50s and ‘70s. Two forty-minute races were held over the weekend amongst others Alfa Romeo’s, BMW’s, Chevrolet’s, Porsche’s, Crosslé’s, MG’s and Caterham’s resulting in a over 80 cars grid. As expected, the Crossle’s and Caterhams proved to be the quickest cars on the track. Mark Hobbs was the quickest driver during the first on Saturday in a Crosslé 9S as Danny Winstanley drove his Caterham R300 to a second place. Third spot on the podium was claimed by Steven Ough in a Crosslé 9S. On Sunday Danny Winstanley was the quickest of the pack and claimed overall victory. John Taylor managed second place in a Crosslé 9S, as Tom Eden drove his Caterham CSR Cosworth to a third place.

Caterham 7

CSCC Swinging 60s and Classic K

This combined grid features cars from the Swinging 60s Series as well as cars from the Classic K Series. The Swinging 60s serie welcomes sports cars, touring cars and GTs produced during the sixties divided into cars below and above 2 litre. The Classic K series is open for pre 1965 touring cars and GTs running to Appendix K. Richard and William Plant won the first race in their Morgan Plus 8, as Raymond Barrow finished second in a Chevrolet Camaro. Jon Wolfe scored a third place in a TVR Tuscan. Raymond Barrow was the man to beat during the second race in his classic Camaro. Richard and William Plant couldn’t match the speed of the big American and finished second in their Morgan Plus 8. Simon Lane managed to bring a second Camaro to the podium finishing third.

TVR Tuscan

CSCC Inter-Series Cup

Three different categories from the Classic Sports Car Club were gathered into a single grid, featuring Tin Tops Series, Future Classics Series and Modern Classics, bringing 65 cars on the track. The Tin Tops series is for Saloon and Hatchback Cars with engine capacity under 2 litres, 4 cylinder. The Future Classics series is for Sports, Saloons and GT cars (with doors) from the 1970’s and 1980’s. The Modern Classics series is designed for most production Saloon, Hatchback, Sports and GT models produced upto the end of 1999. A great variety of anything with four wheels could be seen, from different Porsche’s, Ferrari 308’s, TVR’s, Lotus Elan to Rover’s, different Triumph’s etc…During the first race a couple of classic BMW M3 Evo E36’s proved to be too quick for a big Porsche 928 S4. David Marcussen and David Cuff won the first 40-minute race on Saturday, Andrew Szymanski and Barry O’Neill finished second. Mark Chilton couldn’t answer the pace of the M3’s unless the big 5 litre V8 in his Porsche. On Sunday Chilton, Szymanski and Bill Lancashire in a TVR Tuscan fought a close battle for the overall victory. Chilton finished first with a margin of just 0.5 seconds over Szymanski and O’Neill. Lancashire finished third, just 0.9 seconds after Chilton crossed the finish line.

Porsche 928S4
CSCC AR Motorsport Morgan Challenge

Fans of the Morgan were treated with a one make race of this British build car. The AR Motorsport Morgan Challenge was created by in 1985 by a group of Morgan racing enthusiasts, the Morgan Challenge is a one-make race series for Morgan sportscars. Since its formation it has gone from strength to strength and is now one of the most successful one-make race series. In 2015 it celebrates its 30th birthday. Besides Morgan’s in different versions such as the Plus 4 and 8, Roadster, Aero, Supersports etc, different MG’s filled the grid as well. Keith Ahlers scored two victories in a Morgan Plus 8, William Plant scored a second place during the first race in Morgan 4/4. Philip Goddard finished third in a Morgan Plus 8. On Sunday Goddard finished second, Tom Andrew scored a third place in a Morgan Aero 8.

Morgan Aero

Spa Long Play 33 Tours

In cooperation with Iberian Historian Endurance, Spa hosted the Spa Long Play 33 Tours, an invitational race open for Touring Cars and Grand Touring cars from 1962 to 1976, Grand Touring Prototype’s from 1962 to 1969 as well as Sport Prototypes under 2000 cc from 1962 to 1969. No less than 60 cars entered the grid for their single race featuring a lot of different Porsche’s, different Ford’s, Lotus, Alfa Romeo’s, Triumph’s, TVR’s and a lot of other brands. German Olivier Ellerbrock and his fellow country man and Audi factory driver Frank Stippler proved to be the fastest car on the track as they drove their classic Ford GT40 to a demanding victory. Belgian Guy Peeters finished second in his Chevron B8, Pantelis Christoforou and Nick Stagg finished third in a Ford Escort Mk.1

RAM Shelby Cobra


Back in 1997 a historic championship for Touring and GT cars was established in the Netherlands and is open to Touring and GT cars from 1947 to 1965. The NK HTGT offers a great variety in cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang, Ford GT40, Ford Falcon, Marcos GT, Lotus Elan, Porsche 911 and many more. During the first on Saturday the unique Cobra Daytona of Olivier and Daniela Ellerbrock was no match for the rest of the 55 car field. Michiel Campagne couldn’t match the speed of the Cobra with his usually mighty Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport. Third on the podium was the Ford GT40 of Georg Nolte. On Sunday however Campagne turned the clock around as he drove his classic Grand Sport to a demanding victory in front of Georg Nolte. Norbert Gross finished this race as third in his Ford Falcon Sprint.

Cobra Daytona

PCHC Porsche Club Historic Challenge

For the Porsche fans the Porsche Club Historic Challenge was present for the second time. The challenge is a series of international races under the Porsche Club Germany and its historic section. The challenge is open from the Porsche 914 tot the Porsche 997 from 2009 as well as Transaxle Porsche’s. The 996 and 997 GT3 Cup cars proved to be the quickest Porsche’s on track over the weekend. Michael Joos won both races with his Porsche 996 Cup. On Saturday Markus Fischer finished second in a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup, on Sunday he scored a second consecutive podium by finishing third. Colin Willmott managed to score a third place on Saturday (Porsche 997 GT3 Cup), as Ulrich Rossaro finished second on Sunday in a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup.

Porsche 964 RSR

Sports 2000 Racing Car Club / Monoposto F3 Cup

Last but not least were the little Sport 2000 prototypes from the Sports 2000 Racing Car Club seeing modern and classic Sports 2000 prototypes battling it out on the Ardennes roller coaster. Especially the more modern 2.0 litre prototypes such as the Saker RAPX, Gun TS11 and MCR dominated both races. As usual also the F3 single seaters and other single seaters of the Monoposto F3 Cup were present, featuring the different Dallara F3 models from recent years, a handful of Formula Renault’s etc.

© Marcel Hundscheid/Speed-O-Graphica.com



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