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Video: Shakedown a Gulf Porsche 917 for Rennsport Reunion V

Submitted by on September 28, 2015

Porsche 917

/DRIVE’s latest catches up with Patrick Long, Hurley Haywood and the 1971 1000 Kilometers of Spa-winning┬áPorsche 917, 015/035, to shake it down before Rennsport Reunion V.

“You know Patrick, this car’s throttle are made just zero and fully down. To hold it in half, it’s not really made for this.” –┬áKlaus Bischof

The beautifully-shot film sees the 917 let loose on Willow Springs Raceway in California with Patrick Long at the wheel – and he’s neither giving nor taking any quarter from the old monster.

The way it shifts through the bends, changing direction as it deals with the circuit’s elevation changes is awe inspiring and a hint at what made it so successful in its day. And with the taps open it produces a sound that is nothing short of music.

Take a few moments to enjoy the car being unpacked and fired up for a blast around the track, and to hear from Patrick and Hurley Haywood about why these cars speak to us, and what Rennsport Reunion means as a motorsport festival.


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