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The History of the Hotchkis Racing Porsche 962 IMSA GTP Race Car

Submitted by on October 6, 2015

Hotchkis Racing Porsche 962

Sit down with John Hotchkis Sr. and his sons John Jr. and Mark to get to know their majestic Wynn’s Porsche 962 IMSA GTP race car and the adventures they had campaigning it the ’80s.

“It’s this amazing amount of G! It just sucks right on down and you go ’round corners at 160 miles an hour. My God almighty you’re stuck to the track and if you ever lift you’re going to go into the next county.” – John Hotchkis Sr.

Hotchkis racing was one of the Camel IMSA GTP series’ most successful privateer racing teams, and their ride of choice was this Wynn’s Porsche 962.

They campaigned it in the IMSA Camel GTP challenge from 1986 to 1991 with John Hotchkis Sr. and Jr. handling driving duties and taking it to a best finish of third.

From there they took it to the Historic Sportscar Racing series, picking up a few wins along the way. It’s still with the family today, which is unique for a car like this, and even better – it’s still occasionally run in historics with Mark Hotchkis at the wheel!

Enjoy the film, which is packed with some awesome footage and the recollections of the three men who spent serious time at speed in the car.

“They drop the car down and you leave and you think “This is the stupidest thing in the world!” As you get through the gears, second and third gear, there’s a little valve in your head that goes *click* and now you’re racing. When you come in from an hour of that your adrenaline is so high that when you step out of the car your feet don’t touch the ground.” – John Hotchkis Sr.

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