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Unique & Limited’s Time Travelling Motorsport Art is Astonishing

Submitted by on November 5, 2015

Ferrari 250 GTO

Unique & Limited‘s time-travelling motorsport art takes tales of motorsport’s history and brings them to life with modern technology and awe-inspiring artistic ability. You definitely need to see these.

We first came into contact with Unique & Limited’s work when they released 2014’s Silver Arrows project. Since then, they’ve been very, very busy.

Unique Limited Motorsport Art

The team, headed by Jan Rambousek, have defined a new aesthetic by recreating historic moments in motorsport with a mix of original photography and advanced 3D graphics. They produce ultra high-resolution artworks that capture moments in motorsport history in a fidelity that was not possible at the time, allowing us to relive those moments today!

Their original Silver Arrows Project recreated twelve moments from significant races in the history of Germany’s Silver Arrows. It was internationally acclaimed, and so the team has continued to develop their ideas and techniques with new works.

Unique Limited Motorsport Art

In the time since they’ve created collections for the Ferrari 250 GTO, Porsche 917, Maserati 250F, Bugatti T35 and an aviation-themed collection called ‘The Flying Heroes’.

The artworks are absolutely stunning, and do a magnificent job of bringing life to moments in motorsport history at an exceptional resolution and with unparalleled detail.

Unique Limited Motorsport Art

Works are available in limited edition prints from www.unique-limited.com. Head over there and check ’em out!

And read on for more information from Unique & Limited.

Unique Limited Motorsport Art

Making History Come to Life in a Spectacular Fashion

We all know History likes to repeat itself – however when Jan Rambousek and his team at Unique & Limited travel back in time to recreate important moments, the past usually turns out to look much more fascinating the second time round.

With their unique combination of original photography and advanced 3D graphics they create astonishing works of art in a variety of limited formats.

Jan says “Our mission is to re-energize inspiring stories from the past by using modern technology to create premium large-scale prints that allow present and future generations to experience history like never before.”

Subsequent to ten years of working with ‘demanding clients’ in the advertising industry Jan decided to go down another path, one which would lead him to follow his real passion without any limitations of clients. He successfully developed a new type of fine art – realistic high-definition images recreating historic moments, particularly in motor sport.

In 2012 he began developing initial ideas for his now internationally acclaimed Silver Arrows project – a series of emotional visuals recreating memorable moments from twelve different races prior the pre-WWII era when Germany had significant dominance at the Grand Prix circuit. Jan’s distinctive style emphasizes on features that were impossible to capture in the past considering the undeveloped technological resources.

Today, Jan and his team have successfully continued to create limited collections including a Ferrari 250 GTO collection – featuring one of the world’s most expensive cars participating in two of the most famous race tracks, Le Mans in 1962 and Targa Florio Italy in 1964 – and an aviation themed collection called “The Flying Heroes” featuring important breakthrough moments such as the impact of the Battle of Britain. Their upcoming projects include the remarkable Porsche 917, the outstanding Maserati 250F and the infamous Bugatti T35 speeding through racing history. And yet, so much more is planned for the near future such as resurrecting the glorious Titanic or the incredible Hindenburg in way never seen before.

Jan admits that countless hours of work are dedicated for the production of each visual. “It’s so time- consuming because we need extreme levels of detail as we aim for a minimum resolution of 20,000 pixels (width). We are also producing behind-the-scenes videos that give a glimpse of all the hard work that goes into our creations. Nobody else is currently doing what we do. It is a new type of art.”

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