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Best of 2015: Video

Submitted by on January 8, 2016

Ford Escort Mk2 Rally

Crank up the volume up and spend a few minutes with our favourite classic motorsport videos from 2015.

Kiwi builds a Ferrari 250 GTO replica in his chicken shed

Ferrari 250GTO Replica

The Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most beautiful, yet expensive cars ever built. It’s a piece of art.

So Rod Temporo, based in New Zealand and operating with a small team in a chicken shed, thought they would build one from scratch.

Check out their story here..

Lauda: The Untold Story – Trailer

Niki Lauda

Yet another Formula 1 film is set for release with Austrian filmmaker Hannes M.Schalle’s Lauda: The Untold Story.

Enjoy the trailer here..

A Miniature Lotus Model Made for Jim Clark

Miniature Lotus

A feat of mini engineering, this Lotus model was made by Henri Baigent to be presented to Jim Clark in recognition of his incredible skill and the Grand Prix victories he achieved through it.

Baigent’s skills may reside in a different, slower-paced field to Clark’s, but are no less extraordinary.

This is a model you have to see.

Video: Fast, Sideways and Mental – Insane Ford Escort Mk2 Rally Action

Ford Escort Mk2 Rally
Spend a few minutes going fast, sideways and mental with Frank Kelly, Liam Brennan and their Group 4 specification Ford Escort Mk2.

Check out the video..

Miniature Porsche Powerplant – Video

Miniature Porsche Powerplant

Porsche’s Boxer engines are a defining aspect of the great motorsport marque. Fierce, and fiercely reliable, the flat engines have catapulted many of Porsche’s greatest machines to motorsport glory.

But do they get any less awesome if you shrink them down in size?

Check out this brilliant 1:3.2 scale Porsche engine and find out!

Video: 1965 Honda F1 RA272 V12 at Full Noise

1965 Honda F1 RA272

Ginther in Holland, 1965, thanks to the Cahier Archive

Go and find the best audio equipment you can, turn it way up and spend some quality time immersed in the magic V12 engine note of this 1965 Honda F1 RA272 at home at Twin Ring Motegi.

Enjoy it here..

Maserati 250F and Monaco – Onboard

Maserati 250F Monaco Onboard

What a dream! Come for a ride around Monaco with Frank Stippler and the unbelievable Maserati 250F “Piccolo”.

Hop on board here..

Flat out in a Mercedes Benz 300SL

Mercedes Benz 300SL

Sit back and come for a blast through the Langwies Arosa aboard the beautiful 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe. Daniel Müller and the S.H.R.T Swiss Historic Racing Team Mercedes Benz 300SL sure know how to turn it up!

Relax and enjoy the madness.

Buckle Up for the Fastest Ever Recorded Lap of Goodwood

Fastest Ever Lap of Goodwood

Hop on board and hang on tight for the fastest ever recorded lap of the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Oh, and turn it up.

This is what a race car should sound like!

Full-On Ferrari Ferocity: On-Board a Ferrari 333 SP

Ferrari 333 SP
Hop on board with Christian Pescatori as he works hard to keep a fierce Ferrari 333 SP in check and on point around Daytona.

This video comes from the 2014 Classic 24 Hour at Daytona and features Christian Pescatori at the wheel of a Ferrari 333 SP.

Hit the link..

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