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Help Tell the Untold Story of Hurley Haywood & Peter Gregg

Submitted by on February 9, 2016

Peter Gregg & Hurley Haywood

Image via Hurley Haywood & Peter Gregg: The Untold Story

In the 1970s, Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood earned the nickname of ‘Batman & Robin’ thanks to a nigh-unstoppable run driving for the Brumos Porsche race team in world championship races.

Filmmaker Derek Dodge and his team want to tell the story of their astonishing rise to fame, and the tragedy that followed, and have set up a Kickstarter to help get the documentary film over the line.

From back-to-back wins in the 1973 24 Hours of Daytona and 12 Hours of Sebring, Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood would spend close to a decade winning races together until Gregg’s untimely death in 1980.

Derek Dodge and his team want to tell the story of the pair; not just of their racing exploits and incredible success, but the human tale that underpins it all.

A year and a half into the process, they’ve traveled the United States filming, gathering materials and interviews with Hurley Haywood, Simon Gregg, Don Leatherwood, Bill Warner and others who were there at the time, and have begun bringing it all together. However, they’ve reached the point where they need additional funding to finish the film – and that’s where Kickstarter comes in.

Kickstarter pledges will be put towards the post production work required to finish the film, and include some pretty cool bonuses. The two basic tiers of $10 and $25 provide access to a limited-time preview screening of the film, and then at $25 a digital download of the finished film.

If you chip in $500 you’ll be able to enjoy a 30-minute video chat with Hurley Haywood. Super fans can pledge $10,000 and the crew will visit you to interview you for the film.

Hit the link to the Kickstarter for the full details, and to get involved. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished project, and wish the team all the best!

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