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Andrew Jordan Enjoying Plenty of Opposite Lock in a 1965 Ford GT40

Submitted by on April 26, 2016

1965 Ford GT40

British Touring Car Champion Andrew Jordan hops into a 1965 Ford GT40 and takes it for a test at Donington Park featuring plenty of opposite lock.

“When it suddenly comes on cam, that’s what makes it quite unpredictable in a way because you can be holding it in a slide and then it suddenly comes on, and gives you a right kick up the arse.”

Jordan rolls out of the pits onto a wet and slippery Donington Park to test for the Goodwood Road & Racing 74th Member’s Meeting. He shows some supreme bravery and steering talent manhandling the feisty old racer in less-than-desirable conditions.

There’s clearly a deep concentration going on as he gets comfortable with the car, which is OK by us, because it means long uninterrupted stretches the GT40’s mighty V8 spooling up and popping and crackling on the way down, and generally being melodious.

Hit play, turn the speakers up and enjoy.

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