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Techno Classica: the world´s leading classic motor show

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By Marcel Hundscheid / Speed-O-Graphica.com

Techno Classica was five days of pure passion presenting over 2700 vintage cars and featuring 1250 exhibitors from 30 different countries, over 200 clubs and around 25 official car manufacturers.

Mercedes-Benz 300S Roadste

Techno Classica is the world fair for Vintage, Classic and Prestige Automobiles, Motorsport, Motorcycles, Parts, Restoration and World Club Meeting.

Besides the different eye catching themes presented at the 28th edition of Techno Classic was also the presence of the renowned British auction house Coys. For this year no less than 130 cars were set to change hands for many millions of euros. Amongst the vast selection of vehicles were the following cars:

  • 1914 Metz 22
  • 1929 Lancia Lambda
  • 1937 Fiat 6C
  • 1951 Peugeot 203 Break Hotel Sporting Taxi
  • 1952 Grosser Werkmeister
  • 1953 Cadillac 62 Coupe de Ville
  • 1957 OSCA Maserati Evocation
  • 1957 Chevrolet Corvette C1
  • 1959 Alfa Romeo Touring Spider
  • 1961 MG A MK II Coupe
  • 1961 Maserati Ghibli SS
  • 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 SS
  • 1965 Ghia 1500 GT Coupe
  • 1967 Cadillac Ambulance
  • 1968 Ferrari 330 GT/C
  • 1969 Jaguar E-Type Fixedhead Coupe Series II
  • 1969 Ford Mustang 428 Super Cobra Jet Mach 1
  • 1972 Fiat 500
  • 1973 Porsche 911 2.4S
  • 1974 De Tomaso Pantera
  • 1975 Alfa Romeo Montreal
  • 1978 BMW M1
  • 1980 Citroën Mehari
  • 1981 Ferrari 308 GT4 Dino
  • 1986 Lancia Delta S4 Stradale
  • 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS
  • 1992 Ferrari 512 TR
  • 1996 Porsche 993 RS Coupe
  • 1997 Ferrari F355 Spider


Porsche’s presence was dedicated to their transaxle sports cars who celebrated their 40th anniversary. Straight from the Porsche museum a 944 chassis, a 968 cutaway model, and a final-year 928 that’s set to sit alongside a 924 prototype from 1974 were presented.

BMW marked its centenary with a selection of formative models, featuring iconic cars like the 1600, 2002 ti, 2002 turbo, M1 etc.

BMW 507

Another eye catcher was a special exhibition about the fascinating Mille Miglia. The organisers had gathered 10 cars that participated in the 1955 edition of the famous 1000 miles including a Ferrari 750 Monza, a Porsche 550 Spyder as well as the Mercedes 300 SLR in which Juan-Manuel Fangio drove to second position overall and a Maserati A6 GCS.

Mercedes 300 SLR

Lamborghini celebrated the 50th anniversary of the beautiful Miura featuring a fully restored car back from 1971 – a unique car as it was a pre-production model from the SV that was presented back in 1971 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Lamborghini Miura

Volkswagen celebrated a very sporty birthday with the 40th anniversary of the Golf GTI. Seven exclusive GTI models were presented starting with the original GTI back in 1976. Volkswagen planned to build only 5000 cars of the sporty Golf, but since the introduction nearly 2 million GTIs were built.


Audi was present with some ultra-cool cars from its long history, including a 1991 Quattro Spyder and a shiny polished-aluminum Avus concept, the Audi Group 5 rally car, a 1924 Slaby-Beringer, 1929 Framo TV 300 three wheeler and a DKW F9 from 1941.

Audi Avus concept

If you’re into Audi history, then you’re going to want to find a way to get to the Techno Classica vintage-car show in Essen, Germany, this week. Short notice, we know, but Audi is bringing several ultra-cool cars from its long history, including the 1991 Quattro Spyder and polished-aluminum Avus concepts, the Audi Group S rally race car, a 1924 Slaby-Beringer, a 1929 Framo TV 300 three-wheeler, and a 1941 DKW F 9, as well as several motorcycles. The Avus was equipped with a 503 hp W-12 engine that was later used in cars such as the A8 and Volkswagen Phaeton.


The Group S race car was designed for Group S competition at the beginning of the 1987 rally season. As the FIA banned Group B rally car in 1986 and called for the cancellation of Group S, Audi´s car never saw action.

Audi Group S

Another star from the Volkswagen-family was the famous T1 transporter, nicknamed the ´Bulli´. Volkswagen launched production back in 1950 in Wolfsburg, and from March 1956 the Bulli was produced in the new Volkswagen Transport plant in Hannover. Presented at the 2016 edition of Techno Classica was a T1 from the first generation. The T1 Samba from 1967 was fully restored by Volkswagen Oldtimer in Hannover.

VW T1 Samba

Techno Classic proved once again to be a one of kind and a must see event. We´re already eagerly awaiting the 2017 edition of the world´s leading classic motor show. Enjoy these stunning pictures made by Marcel Hundscheid from Speed-O-Graphica.


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