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Weekend Docco: David Purley Racing Formula 5000 at Oulton Park

Submitted by on June 3, 2016

David Purley Formula 5000

“I used to be a paratrooper and I used to get pretty nervous waiting to jump, and this seems a bit of an anticlimax after that!”

They don’t make ’em like they used to!

This magnificent period documentary is packed with awesome behind the scenes insight and Formula 5000 footage of David Purley preparing to tackle the first Oulton Park race of the 1975 ShellSPORT 5000 European Championship in the snow.

The film picks up in the Chevron workshop with our presenter signed on as a pit mechanic for Purley’s Lec Refrigeration team.

Chevron and the team are putting together a new Chevron B30 Formula 5000 car for a race at Oulton Park a week later. Purley had commissioned Chevron to build the car, which was based on their Formula 2 B29 and would use a 3.4-litre Cosworth GAA motor.

The B30 was strong in 1975 and Purley was able to pick up two wins to finish fifth in the drivers’ title. After a rebuild and further development between seasons, however, it really came on song and in 1976 and he took out five race wins and the drivers’ title.

“The most dangerous race I’ve ever had since 1968. I nearly lost it I don’t know how many times.”

There’s some really wonderful behind the scenes footage in this film, which sees our intrepid presenter enjoying driving lessons from Purley first in a 911 and then on board a Formula Atlantic before we get properly stuck in to the race weekend.

Settle in, hit play and enjoy!

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