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Car Control: Rob Huff on the Raggedy Edge Driving a Can-Am Lotus 19 in the Wet

Submitted by on November 4, 2016

Rob Huff Can-Am Lotus 19

Rob Huff delivers a lesson in masterful car control in this on-board footage of him driving a Can-Am Lotus 19 during the 2016 Goodwood Revival.

The footage is from The Whitsun Trophy at this year’s Goodwood Revival and sees Rob Huff driving a magnificent V8 Oldsmobile-powered Lotus 19 recreation to victory in the rain

Only 17 Lotus 19s were built, and many of them did not survive their period racing careers in good order. The exact number remaining is up for debate and often exceeds the number originally built, so this reproduction was commissioned and built by Tolman Motorsport to be an accurate representation of the original to exacting FIA HTP specifications.

The car was also to use American V8 power, as had some of the originals that had emerged from the States in period, which is where its 300 horsepower Oldsmobile V8 comes in. Scroll on after the on-board footage for a clip of it starting up for the first time!

The 2012 World Touring Car Champion is very, very busy in this video, as he fights big power and non-existent grip to keep himself pointed in a very sideways approximation of the right direction. It’s a delicate dance and he pulls it off with grace and pinpoint accuracy – absolutely magic.

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