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Magic New Classic Motorsport Art by Retro Dude Dan Šenkeřík

Submitted by on January 17, 2017

Jody Scheckter Tyrrell p34

Paintings by Dan Šenkeřík

Czech artist Dan Šenkeřík devotes his artistic talents to capturing the passion, speed and heroism of classic motorsport and its dauntless drivers and riders.

We first encountered his work a few years ago, and were thrilled when he got in touch recently to show off a new set of paintings capturing motorsport legends like Niki Lauda, Jochen Rindt and Gilles Villeneuve.

Carlos Reutemann

Dan is an artist and graphic designer with a passion for motorsport. He paints to bring his love of racing, cars and the legends who drive them to the Czech Republic.

Working primarily in oils and acrylics, his style is design-heavy in a way that reflects his work as a graphic designer, but it also has an impressionistic edge that perfectly emphasises the speed and emotiveness of motorsport. His new works include portraits of Niki Lauda in both his 1975 Formula 1 World Championship-winning Ferrari and 1979 BMW Procar championship car, Ayrton Senna and his iconic McLaren, Juan Manuel Fangio and the Alfa Romeo 159, Jody Scheckter in the magnificent Tyrrell P34 and many more.

Dan has kindly shared some of his images with us here, and you can enjoy them below.

Please make sure to head to his website at www.p1gallery.cz and his Facebook page to check out more of his work.

Images kindly provided by Dan Šenkeřík


Adamek Nsu

Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo

Ayrton Senna

Niki Lauda BMW Procar Champion

Sebring 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL

Gilles Villeneuve

Dan Senkerik Classic Motorsport Art

Dan Senkerik Classic Motorsport Art

Dan Senkerik Classic Motorsport Art

Dan Senkerik Classic Motorsport Art

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