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For Sale: 1976 Porsche 934 RSR Turbo Group 4

Submitted by on May 16, 2017

1976 Porsche 934 RSR Turbo Group 4

Images via Maxted-Page

This magnificent ex-Kremer 1976 Porsche 934 RSR Turbo Group 4 has an immense competition history under its belt, is wrapped in the iconic Jägermeister livery and is up for sale at historic Porsche specialists Maxted-Page.

The car, chassis #0158, was financed by Gerhard Holup and went direct from Porsche’s competition department to Erwin and Manfred Kremer in Cologne. The plan for its debut competition season was for Holup to enter it in German national championship races, while the Kremers would enter it with professional drivers at the helm in international and European championship races.

1976 Porsche 934 RSR Turbo Group 4

It debuted in March of 1976 with Holup behind the wheel at the Bergischer Löwe at Zolder. The pair was immediately quick, finishing fourth. From there it was off to the races, literally, and the car would barely get a rest in 1976, competing in some 19 events over the course of the year.

Its first run on the international stage would come in June at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Bob Wollek, Didier Pironi and Marie-Claude Beaumont took it to 19th overall and fourth in the GT class. In the 6 hours of Dijon a few months later, Reinhold Joest, Jürgen Barth, and Bob Wollek would win the GT class and finish 8th overall.

1976 Porsche 934 RSR Turbo Group 4

After plenty of time at the pointy end and a healthy collection of podium finishes, Dieter Schornstein would pilot the car to its first race win in October, when he won the Trophy of Neus at the Nürburgring. Schornstein would actually buy the car in 1977, contesting the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft championship under Sekurit sponsorship.

In 1978 Schornstein sold the car back to Gerhard Holup, who s secured Weralit sponsorship and contested European and international championship races with Edgar Dören and the Max Moritz Racing team.

1976 Porsche 934 RSR Turbo Group 4

1978 would also be the year that the car wore the Jägermeister livery in which you see it today. Hervé Poulain and Romain Feitler joined Holup and Dören for the car’s second trip to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, running under Jägermeister sponsorship with the assistance of Kremer. Unfortunately, this outing would be less successful than its first, the car retiring with transmission failure.

Dören piloted the car to great success in 1979. He and #0158 contested the new Deutsche Rennsport Trophäe, which ran combined races with DRM. With four wins under his belt, he secured the title.

#0158 would then be sold to Jack Refenning, who took it over to the United States. There, it picked up two significant international events to add to its resume – the 1980 24 Hours of Daytona, where it ran with Refenning, Ray Mummery and Ren Tilton, and the 1981 12 Hours of Sebring, where Refenning was joined once again by Tilton and Peter Welter took over the third seat.

1976 Porsche 934 RSR Turbo Group 4

While its first trip to Daytona was unsuccessful, it improved in its second run. In 1981 driving trio Jack Refenning, Ren Tilton and Rusty Bon went 9th overall and third in class.

Jean-Paul Richard bought the car in 1991, keeping it for over two decades before selling it to Porsche specialist Manfred Freisinger in 2004. Freisinger treated it to a restoration, acquiring an F.I.A. Historic Technical Passport for it in 2011. The car then passed through a number of hands before finding its way to its current owner, a private collector in the ‘States.

This magic Porsche racer has an impressive amount of competition mileage under its belt, and has earned a great deal of success over those miles. It looks to be in good racing condition and it’s hard to go past a Porsche in that iconic Jägermeister orange livery. We hope to see this historic machine continue racing for many years to come.

It’s up for sale at Maxted-Page. Head to their official website for the full details.

Images via Maxted-Page

1976 Porsche 934 RSR Turbo Group 4

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