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Mega Gallery and Report: The 2019 Edition of the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort

Submitted by on September 16, 2019

By Marcel Hundscheid / Speed-O-Graphica

Buckle up for a ride through time in this extensive coverage of the 2019 edition of the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort from Motorsport Retro’s European correspondent Marcel Hundscheid.

The 8th edition of the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort, organized by Circuit Zandvoort and the HARC (Historical Auto Race Club), was a a true celebration of motorsport. Over three days spectators enjoyed twelve different historic classes on track and at speed as well as four different demonstrations on the 4.3 kilometer circuit situated.

Besides the racing activities four interesting demonstrations were scheduled with participation from BMW and Porsche, amongst others, presenting some very interesting cars. On Saturday evening, the traditional parade was held and saw the race cars heading from the track to the center of Zandvoort.

The FIA was present with all four of their historic championships, including Formula 1, Sports Cars, Lurani Trophy and the Historic F3 European Cup.

Swiss-driver Bruno Weibel took the honours in the Lurani Trophy for Formula Junior cars in his Lotus 22. Andy Middlehurst and William Nuthall fought a strong but fair battle in the Historic Grand Prix Car Association. In the end it was Middlehurst who claimed victory in his splendid looking Lotus 25 R4.

The smallest grid of the event was entered by the Formula 1 cars of the FIA Masters Historic F1 Championship. Just ten cars made it onto the grid for the first race, which saw a crushing victory go to American Kyle Tilley in an Ensign MN177. Henry Fletcher grabbed the honours during the second race in a March 761.

In the FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship, the 2.0 liter sportscars were able to hold the advantage over the big Lola T70s. Thomas Bradshaw dominated the 60 minute race in his Chevron B19, crossing the finish line nearly 30 seconds earlier than Henry Fletcher in a same car.

Christian Olsen from Denmark dominated both races of the FIA Historic F3 European Cup in a Martini Mk. 39. Olsen commanded 14 seconds of clear air after just 22 laps during the first race, followed by a crushing 32 seconds margin in his second race. It was Valerio Leone from Monaco who grabbed victory in the C1 division.

A torrential downpour hit the Dutch National Championship for Historic Touring Cars and GTs race, so sadly the race was largely driven behind the safety car and as the conditions deteriorated from bad to worse it was decided to red flag the race. Patrick Shovlin crossed the chequered flag first in a Jaguar E-Type.

Nearly 30 Historic Formula 2 cars thrilled the crowd over the weekend with two exciting races. Darwin Smith (March 722) and Matthew Watts (March 772) claimed victories.

As usual, let’s take a look at some of the remarkable cars that were present over the weekend.

Jochen Mass and Jacky Ickx raced the beautiful Porsche 935/77 below, chassis 935-005-R19, for the first time at the Silverstone 6 Hours. Later, the drivers would also take the car to victory at Watkins Glen and Brands Hatch.

It would be the last time 935-005 was raced and since that time the car was kept in the Porsche Museum Collection. In Zandvoort 935-005 was driven in the capable hands of former Porsche-designer Harm Lagaaij.

Remarkable was the presence of two Porsche 718s. One of the two beauties is pictured below and came from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart. The other came from the Prototyp Museum in Hannover.

The 718 from Stuttgart represented the factory participation in the 1961 Grand Prix, with two cars for Dan Gurney and Joakim Bonnier. The 718 from Hamburg was once one of the Porsches of the Dutch gentleman Carel Godin de Beaufort. ‘Veilig Careltje’ registered two 718s on behalf of his Ecurie Maarsbergen in 1961, one for himself and the other for Hans Herrmann.

One of the other highlights was the beautiful Ferrari 340 F1 you see below. Chassis 125-C-4 from 1950 is owned and driven by Dutchman Alexander van der Lof. This car was raced by legendary drivers Alberto Ascari and José Froilan Gonzalez and was originally found in Uruguay during the ’70s unrestored in original condition. It is equipped with a Ferrari 4102 cc V12, generating 330 bhp at 7000 rpm.

A BMW M1 might be considered as rare, but the BMW-March M1 takes that further and is without doubt something special.

Robin Herd was responsible for the project of transforming an M1 into a Group 5 race car. March designed and produced the body with BMW responsible for the engine, using a turbo version of the six cylinder engine used in the original M1 that could generate 800 hp.

Unfortunately, the BMW-March M1 was never successful and at entries in Le Mans, Brands Hatch and Vallelunga, the car didn’t make it to the finish line. Back in 2010 Dutchman Jan Bot bought the below car (chassis 003), lavishing it with an extensive three-year restoration. Following its restoration the car debuted in 2013 at Hockenheim.

In summary, the 8th edition of the Historic Grand Prix has more than lived up to expectations with exciting races, unique demonstrationss and a great atmosphere. We can’t wait for the 9th edition to be held next year.

By Marcel Hundscheid / Speed-O-Graphica

Catawiki NK HTGT

Race 1

1) Patrick Shovlin, Jaguar E-Type

2) Rene de Vries-Kevin Abbring, Mini Cooper S, + 0.554

3) Jonathan Lewis – Mini Cooper S, + 0.850

Race 2

1) Andy Newall, Jaguar E-Type,

2) Michiel Campagne, Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, + 5.993

3) Alexander Schlüchter, Lotus Elan, + 13.182

FIA Historic Formula 3 European Cup

Race 1

1) Christian Olsen, Martini Mk.39

2) Michael Ringström, Martini Mk.42, + 14.108

3) Thomas Weidel, Ralt RT3, + 26.344

Race 2

1) Christian Olsen, Martini Mk.39

2) Frederic Rouvier, Martini Mk.34, + 32.238

3) Thomas Weidel, Ralt RT3, + 38.535

FIA Lurani Trophy

Race 1

1) Bruno Weibel, Lotus 22

2) Manfredo Rossi di Montelera, Lotus 22, + 4.763

3) Mark Shaw, Brabham BT6, + 7.400

Race 2

1) Mark Shaw, Brabham BT6

2) Bruno Weibel, Lotus 22, + 2.860

3) Peter Morton, Lightning Envoyette, + 9.796

FIA Masters Historic F1 Championship

Race 1

1) Kyle Tilley, Ensign MN177

2) Jason Wright, Shadow DN8, + 8.096

3) Chris Perkins, Surtees TS16, + 28.295

Race 2

1) Henry Fletcher, March 761

2) Kyle Tilley, Ensign MN177, + 14.367

3) Georg Hallau, Theodore N183, + 29.445

FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship

1) Thomas Bradshaw, Chevron B19

2) Henry Fletcher, Chevron B19, + 29.414

3) Leo Voyazides-Simon Hadfield, Lola T70 Mk.IIIB, + 44.260

Historic Formula 2

Race 1

1) Matthew Watts, March 772

2) Darwin Smith, March 722, + 4.361

3) Wolfgang Kaufmann, March 782, + 9.781

Race 2

1) Darwin Smith, March 722

2) Martin O’Connell, Chevron B40, + 0.435

3) Matthew Watts, March 772, + 3.533

Historic Grand Prix Car Association

Race 1

1) Andy Middlehurst, Lotus 25 R4

2) William Nuthall, Cooper T53, + 0.817

3) Barry Cannell, Brabham BT11A, + 1.966

Race 2

1) Andy Middlehurst, Lotus 25 R4

2) William Nuthall, Cooper T53, + 2.026

3) Andrew Beaumont, Lotus 18 915, + 17.432

Masters Gentlemen Drivers

1) Julian Thomas-Calum Lockie, Shelby Daytona Cobra

2) Nicky Pastorelli, Ferrari 250 GTO, + 6.153

3) Steve Soper, Lotus Elan 26R, + 9.388

Masters Pre-66 Touring Cars

1) Olivier Hart, Alfa Romeo Sprint GTA

2) Mark Martin-Steve Soper, Ford Lotus Cortina, + 4.817

3) Chris Middlehurst, Morris Mini Cooper S, + 14.522

Revival 1952 Dutch Grand Prix, TKH Trophy

Race 1

1) Ian Nuthall, Alta F2

2) Paul Grant, Cooper-Bristol T23, + 0.491

3) Eddie McGuire, Cooper-Bristol T20, + 14.659

Race 2

1) Ian Nuthall, Alta F2

2) Shirley van der Lof, HWM F2, + 0.398

3) Paul Grant, Cooper-Bristol T23, + 8.485


Race 1

1) Manfred Pledl, Ford Escort RS1600 Mk.1

2) Marcel Frijlink, Ford Escort RS1600 Mk.1, + 4.157

3) Hans de Graaf, Porsche Carrera RS, + 4.990

Race 2

1) Marcel Frijlink, Ford Escort RS1600 Mk.1

2) Manfred Pledl, Ford Escort RS1600 Mk.1, + 1.291

3) Niels Andersen, Ford Capri 3000, + 3.941

Tourenwagen Legenden

1) Sjaco Griffioen, BMW M3 E30 DTM

2) Michael Menden, BMW M3 E30 DTM

3) Jens Böhler, BMW M3 E30 DTM

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