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Report & Gallery: Relive the Nürburgring Classic 2022

Submitted by on June 7, 2022

By Marcel Hundscheid / Speed-O-Graphica

The Nurburgring was the setting for the traditional Nürburgring Classic on the penultimate weekend in May, a three-day event for fans of historic motorsport.

The organization had also managed to create the perfect timeline from the 1950s and 1960s to the early 1990s. In this era, a range of competitions and racing cars were presented, with a number of historic Formula 1 cars making their appearance over the weekend as a tastemaker.

After an absence of no less than three years, the renowned Nürburgring Classic returned to the historic motorsport calendar. Ten different series were on the program, varying from touring cars, sports cars, GTs and demo runs with Formula 1 cars. Besides all of this, youngtimers, CanAm bangers, sports cars and touring cars filled the great circuit over the three days. Below we will highlight amongst others some of the stunning F1 cars that could be seen.

From 1970 to early 1975 Scuderia Ferrari used the Ferrari 312B in the Formula 1 World Championship. The car was the successor of the earlier Ferrari 312, appearing in 1971 as practically a new car equipped with 2,992 cc flat 12 engine with shorter stroke. Besides this the 312 B2 featured an innovative rear suspension with twin struts and spring/damper groups mounted above the gearbox.

Scuderia entered the 312 B3 in the Formula 1 World Championship from 1971 until 1973 scoring 2 victories. In 1973 the B2 was succeeded by the 312 B3.

Benetton B192 chassis B192-08

Pictured here is the Benetton B192 from 1992 driven by both Michael Schumacher and Martin Brundle. Rory Byrne and Ross Brawn designed the B192 around a carbon-fibre composite monocoque, powered by a 3,494 cc Ford Cosworth HB6.

Nowadays the car is owned and driven by Lorina McLaughlin. She runs the Historic Formula One Race Car Entrants (THE FORCE). The Benetton B192 was one of the last successful F1 cars of the era with a clutch pedal and manual gearbox.

Steve Nichols and Jean-Claude Mignot designed the Ferrari 643 for the 1991 Formula 1 season. Powered by a Ferrari Tipo 291 3,499 cc V12 and a seven-speed semi-automatic gearbox, the engine generated 710 hp at 13,800 rpm.

Although the Ferrari 643 looked to be very promising it was the Williams FW14 and McLaren MP4/6 that had the upper hand in the championship. Due to technical difficulties and relations between Ferrari’s F1 management and Alain Prost during that period, that the French world champion was fired as a works driver.

In CanAm and Sportscars, this remarkable McLaren M8F appeared on the grid. A closer look revealed that the nose section was used in 1973 by Team VDS in the Interserie. The same nose section was used by Peter Hoffmann in 1980/1981 on his McLaren M8FP. The livery presented on the car was used by David Hobbs back in 1973 on his McLaren M20 in the CanAm championship.

Results Nürburgring Classic 2022

CanAm & Sportscars

Race 1

  1. Peter Schleifer, McLaren M8F
  2. Harry Schmidt, McLaren M8C, + 20.999
  3. Roberto Cocciarelli, Swift DB2 Ford, + 46.772

Race 2

  1. Georg Hallau, March 84G,
  2. Axel Pilz, McLaren M6B, + 4.506
  3. Peter Schleifer, McLaren M8F, + 1:53.827

DTM Golden Era

Race 1

  1. Michael Sadurski, Opel Ascona 400
  2. Jörg Koslowski, BMW 320i E46 ETCC, + 7.888
  3. Giuseppe Pironaci, BEW 320 WTCC, + 52.344

Race 2

  1. Ferhard Füller, Opel Vectra STW
  2. Jörg Koslowski, BMW 320i E46 ETCC, + 8.537
  3. Ralp Bahr, BMW M3 E30, + 16.277

Dunlop Historic Endurance Cup

  1. Pedro Sanchez-Luco Sanchez, Ford GT40
  2. Heinz Schmersal-Mike Stursberg, Ford Escort Mk. I RS1600, + 1:47,291
  3. Liro Mäkinen, BMW 2002, + 2:00,615

Youngtimer Trophy Grid 1

Race 1

  1. Michael Nolte, Opel Kadett C Coupe MN
  2. Adrian Remmele, Opel Kadett C Coupe, + 2.217
  3. Heinz Schmersal-Mike Stursberg, Ford Escort Mk. I RS1600, + 27.556

Race 2

  1. Heinz Schmersal-Mike Stursberg, Ford Escort Mk. I RS1600
  2. Patrick Peeters, Ford Escort RS2000, + 1:22.526
  3. Gerd Tekaat, Chevrolet Camaro, + 1:27.996

Youngtimer Trophy Grid 2

Race 1

  1. Wolfgang Pohl-Daniel Schrey, Porsche 935 K1
  2. Michael Hess-Otto Rensing, Porsche 911 RSR, + 21.741
  3. Dirk Baumann-Ben Bünnagel, Porsche 911 RSR, + 40.556

Race 2

  1. Wolfgang Pohl-Daniel Schrey, Porsche 935 K1
  2. Michael Hess-Otto Rensing, Porsche 911 RSR, + 16.389
  3. Edgar Salewsky, Porsche 911 RSR+ 1:24.836

Battle of the Dwarfs

Race 1

  1. Herbert Wein Jr., Morris Mini Cooper Mk.2
  2. Thomas Berg, Innocenti Mini Cooper, + 10.312
  3. Herbert Wein Sr., Austin Mini S Mk.2, + 17.304

Race 2

  1. Alex Schneider, NSU TT
  2. Hendrick Haase, NSU TT+ 1.225
  3. Patrick Hug, NSU TT, + 1.803

Race 3

  1. Gregor Nick, Mini Swiss 24H Special
  2. Herbert Wein Jr. Morris Mini Cooper Mk.2, + 2.492
  3. Enzo Thiefain, Austin Mini S Mk.2, + 8.491

Race 4

  1. Brend Degner-Thorsten Babon, Fiat 128 Coupe
  2. Hans März, Simca 1200S Coupe, + 2.819
  3. Hendrick Haase, NSU TT, + 3.701

Historic Touringcars & GTs

  1. Michael Funke, Ford GT40
  2. Hans-Ulrich Kainzinger-Michael Roock, Porsche 911 RSR, + 49.402
  3. Michael Wittke, Porsche 924 GTS, + 1 lap

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