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ADAC Hockenheim Historic-Jim Clark Revival 2024: Gallery & Report

Submitted by on May 17, 2024

During the first weekend of May around 33,000 spectators made their way to Hockenheim for the Jim Clark Revival, which ran under the ADAC’s name for the first time this year. We were on the spot to give you an inside view of the action.

One of the crowd pullers during the packed weekend were the Group 5 cars from the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft Revival. Zakspeed Ford Capri Turbo, BMW M1 Gr.5, Porsche 935 K3 and many other fire breathers rocked the Motodrom at Hockenheim.

Ralf Kelleners started from pole position during the first race in his De Tomaso Pantera GTS Gr.5. Dennis Busch could only follow Kelleners in a Porsche 935 K3. During the second race on Sunday the roles were initially reversed. Busch was looking for revenge and defeated Kelleners immediately after the start. Busch created a gap in his former Klaus Ludwig Porsche 935 K3, but exactly one lap before the chequered flag fell, bad luck struck and he had to put his car aside. Kelleners took advantage and took his second victory of the weekend. Ronny Scheer finished second after a masterful catch-up race from 22nd place in the beautiful Zakspeed Ford Capri Turbo Gr.5.

Another series that attracted the public was Tourenwagen Golden Era. More than 40 iconic touring cars, including the BMW M3, Ford Sierra RS500 and Audi 200, revived the golden era of touring car racing. The presence of old school warriors such as Altfrid Heger, Kris Nissen, Olaf Manthey, Harald Grohs or Roland Asch gave the program an extra golden edge.

After a short but intense battle with Anton Werner, touring car ace Altfrid Heger won both races with the impressive Audi D11 V8. The second race on Sunday morning was again between the Audis of Heger and Werner. Heger disappeared as soon as the lights turned green on the horizon. Werner started from the back due to a ‘did not finish’ on Saturday, impressively worked his way to second place, but could not threaten Heger in any way.

The MOMO Sportscar Supercup featured a mix of historic Group C and IMSA cars, as well as modern-day sports prototypes. The audience was eagerly awaiting the debut of the MOMO-Gebhardt Porsche 962C. Chassis number 962-001 GS was active during the late 1980s and 1990s.

After a long and intensive restoration, the beautiful 962 appeared on the circuit for the first time on Friday, but after only 5 laps it was over for the Swede Stanley Dicken, who started with this car during the 1990 24 Hours of Daytona. A broken drive shaft spoiled the long-awaited debut and only those who were present on Friday were lucky enough to see the car briefly in action.

During the first race on Saturday, Michael Lyons from the UK drove the Gebhardt C91 convincingly to pole position. He dominated the eighteen laps race and triumphed unthreatened. Lyons had not qualified for the second race, but was still allowed to start from the back. The 33-year-old Briton fought his way to the top towards teammate and former Le Mans winner Marco Werner. After a short fight, he used the extra fifty horsepower that the Cosworth engine had compared to the Audi turbo engine in Werner’s Gebhardt and drove unchallenged to his second victory of the weekend.

The ADAC Graf Berge von Trips Trophy brought more than 30 Formula 3 and Formula Ford cars to Hockenheim. During the first race on Saturday, Alexander Weiss from Denmark outpaced pole sitter Stephane Lechine from France at the start. Within a blink of an eye, Italian Davide Leone attacked from third place, took the lead and never relinquished it. The Italian triumphed ahead of Weiss and Lechine.

The second race on Sunday was a different story. Leone took the lead from pole position, ahead of Weiss and Lechine, but dropped to fifth place due to an oil leak. The young Italian fought his way back into the top three, but made another spin at Mercedes’ exit. Weiss was victorious ahead of Lechnine and Luciano Arnold. In the end Leone finished in fourth position.

The extensive program was completed with the Lurani Trophy for Formula Junior cars, Formula Vee, BOSS GP Series, Lotus Cup Europe and Raceclub Germany. Let’s take a closer look at some of the remarkable cars that were present this year.

Without doubt one of the favourites among the spectators was this splendid Zakspeed Ford Capri Turbo Gr. 5. In fact a former Klaus Niedzwiedz car that participated in the DRM Championship in 1981. This car is the second Zakspeed Capri that has been fully restored by MK Mücke Motorsport Classic from Germany. Niedzwiedz managed to win the final race of the season in Hockenheim in this particular car.

Another highlight in the Tourenwagen Golden Ara was this former Trakstar Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth, chassis number MTRS01. This is the championship-winning car in the BTCC from 1990, driven by Rob Gravett. The car was built by his own Trakstar team. Nowadays the car is fully restored by MK Mücke Motorsport and in Hockenheim driven by Ronny Scheer who finished in third place during the first race on Saturday.

This genuine Kremer Porsche 935 K3 was present in the DRM Revival. Chassis 009 0002R was driven by Klaus Ludwig in the DRM Championship of 1979. He claimed the 1979 DRM title championship in this particular car, coloured in the Mampe Mambo livery. At Hockenheim this beautiful piece of history was driven by Dennis Busch, scoring a second place during the first race.

One of the present Gebhardt sports cars was this JC843, chassis 840-2. This particular car raced at the 1986 24 Hours of Le Mans and was fully restored by Gebhardt Motorsport in its original condition. Back in 1986 the car was raced by Evan Clements, Tom Dodd-Noble and Ian Harrower and entered by ADA Engineering. At Le Mans chassis 840-2 won the C2 category and finished in 8th position overall. Besides participation in Le Mans this car was also entered in the Interseries, DRM Championship and several rounds of the World Sportscar Championship in 1984.

The ADAC Hockenheim Historic-Jim Clark Revival 2024  can look back on a very successful event. The date for next year’s event has already been announced, from May 9 to 11, 2025. This event should not be missing from the agendas of any historic motorsport enthusiast.

Results ADAC Hockenheim Historic-Jim clark Revival 2024

ADAC Count Berge von Trips Trophy

Race 1

  1. Davide Leone, Dallara F390
  2. Alexander Weiss, Reynard 873, + 4.622
  3. Stephane Lechine, Reynard 893, + 5.276

Race 2

  1. Alexander Weiss, Reynard 873
  2. Stephane Lechine, Reynard 893, + 4.127
  3. Luciano Arnold, Brabham BT36, + 5.402


Race 1

  1. Antonio Pizzonia, Dallara V8 T12
  2. Alexander Seibold, Dallara GP2/05, + 1 lap
  3. Martin Kindler, Dallara GP/11, + 1 lap

Race 2

  1. Antonio Pizzonia, Dallara V8 T12
  2. Simone Colombo, Dallara GP2/11, + 2.633
  3. Juju Noda, Dallara GP2/11, + 3.149

DMV Formula V

Regularity Test 1

  1. Christoph Wohn, Kogo PV1-03
  2. Calvin Stauff, Aulodynamics Mk.1
  3. Markus von Haken, Lola T620

Regularity Test 2

  1. Calvin Stauff, Aulodynamics Mk.1
  2. Joachim Pfannmüller, Fuchs FV1300
  3. Tom Ernst, Lola T324

DRM Revival

Race 1

  1. Ralf Kelleners, De Tomaso Pantera GTS Gr.5
  2. Dennis Busch, Porsche 935 K3, + 5.870
  3. Michael Kammermann, BMW M1 Procar, + 35.619

Race 2

  1. Ralf Kelleners, De Tomaso Pantera GTS Gr.5
  2. Ronny Scheer, Zakspeed Ford Capri Turbo Gr.5, + 20.465
  3. Michael Kammermann, BMW M1 Procar, + 24.801

Lotus Cup Europe

Race 1

  1. Tamas Vizin, Lotus Exige V6 Cup R
  2. Rainer Börgens, Lotus Exige V6 Cup R, + 10.703
  3. Paul Maréchal, Lotus Exige V6 Cup R, + 13.362

Race 2

  1. Bence Balogh, Lotus Evora GT4
  2. Tamas Vizin, Lotus Exige V6 Cup R, + 0.367
  3. Rainer Börgens, Lotus Exige V6 Cup R, + 25.163

Lurani Trophy

Race 1

  1. Clive Richards, Lotus 22
  2. Lee Mowle, Lotus 20/22, + 18.883
  3. Philipp Buhofer, Lola Mk.5A, + 20.226

Race 2

  1. Clive Richards, Lotus 22
  2. Danny Baker, Lotus 27, + 18.411
  3. Lee Mowle, Lotus 20/22, + 19.278

MOMO Sportscar Supercup

Race 1

  1. Michael Lyons, Gebhardt C91
  2. Benjamin Hotz, Ligier JS53, +49.939
  3. Marco Fink, PRC WPR70, + 56.812

Race 2

  1. Michael Lyons, Gebhardt C91
  2. Marco Werner, Gebhardt C88, + 38.491
  3. Marco Fink, PRC WPR70, + 39.703

Touringcars Golden Era

Race 1

  1. Altfrid Heger, Audi D11 (V8)
  2. Yannik Trautwein, BMW 320i E36 STC, + 11.286
  3. Ronny Scheer, Ford Sierra RS500, + 13.508

Race 2

  1. Altfrid Heger, Audi D11 (V8)
  2. Anton Werner, Audi 200 Quattro M86, + + 37.656
  3. Yannik Trautwein, BMW 320i E36 STC, + 37.710

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