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The ultimate VMX machine: New Maico S1 from Maico Only

Submitted by on February 21, 2011

Do you fancy yourself on the ultimate VMX bike? Then check out these glorious S1 machines from Maico Only.

You can choose between a 250cc mount or a fire breathing 490cc monster. The machines have prepared to the highest possible standard and look fantastic.

Called the S1- these Maico’s are built from both new and re-manufactured Maico parts.

Carl Bailey the European director of works has secured many original parts from collectors and dealers around the globe and has been fortunate enough to be able to produce some all new machines which are  undoubtedly the finest Maico’s to date.

Starting form scratch was the all new S1 frame, the bikes are made using the same geometry as the ’84 Maico to deliver a low centre of gravity for the engine. The use of  lightweight materials and strengthening  plates thus allowing the bikes to race safely on today’s more demanding motocross tracks.

The bike is a Twinshock which complies with the spirit of the era and conforms to the rules which dictate drum brakes,an air cooled engine and twin shocks. In Australia this would be eligible for the Evo class.

Arguably Maico has been at a disadvantage for years in VMX races worldwide having stopped producing Twinshock machines in 1981, whereas other marques like Husqvarna continued their development of the Twinshock chassis until 1984. The S1 aims to address this!

The S1 Maicos use an ’83-’84 engine which is a completely redesigned engine from the older 78-82 magnums and has no primary drive chain, is more reliable, easier to start and can be used week in week out for both classic and modern racing.

Maico Only have tested the S1 for a whole year and made numerous modifications to the frame and engine and have produced a really great motocorss bike  that is eligible for the vintage market as parts are all original Maico.

Maico only have fitted aftermarket billet parts and swingarms thus enhancing the performance and visual characteristics even more.

For full specs and prices visit www.maicoonly.co.uk

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