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Who will be……Mr Vintage Motocross 2011?

Submitted by on August 30, 2011

If you were into motocross in Australia in the ‘70s and ’80s you’ll know what we’re on about.

“Who will be….?” was the advertising slogan for the original Mr Motocross series run by Willoughby Motorcycle Club’s Vince Tesoriero.

With Vince’s blessing and support from major sponsor VMX Unlimited, the Hunter Motorcycle Club will conduct a one-day event in the spirit of the original series.

In keeping with the original theme all four classes will be open to all powers.

It is open to riders 30 years or over on the date of the event and will consist of racing for trophies in (4) eras – pre-1975, pre-1980, pre-1985 and pre-1990

Also in keeping with the theme, perpetual trophies for the winner of each era will name be named after successful riders from the era.

Pre-1975                                Flood Brothers

Pre-1980                                Anthony Gunter

Pre-1985                                Stephen Gall

Pre-1990                                Craig Dack

Entries open on September 1 and will be limited to (40) plus (5) reserves per era.

What :              Classic Motocross – on a specially prepared circuit

Where:             Barleigh Ranch, approx 12kms north of Raymond Terrace, NSW

When:              October 30, 2011

For more details go to the OzVMX web site

Or contact the event co-ordinator Dan Tydd on  0418 491 898 or dantydd@gmail.com

Enjoy some original Mr Motocross footage circa 1982 below

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