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Video: Top 5 Bathurst 1000 crashes of the 1980s

Submitted by on October 5, 2011

1. Dick Johnson – 1983

Johnson had this monumental trip into the scenery during qualifying in 1983. The accident occured when Dick ran slightly wide out of Forrest Elbow in an attempt to beat Brock’s pole time. Johnson was able to start the race after the TAFE team rebuilt the car using a second car as a donor for parts.

2. The crash that stopped the race  – 1981

For the first time the race did not go the full race distance as on lap 121, a six car accident blocked the track at McPhillamy Park Corner. The Ford Falcon of Dick Johnson and John French were leading the race at the time of the accident and were declared the winners.

3. Kevin Bartlett roll the Camaro – 1982

Big Kev was running with the leaders when disaster struck  at Reid Park on lap 27 after a left rear tyre blew.  The Camaro slammed into the wall, pitching Bartlett onto his roof. The car slid across the track, but fortunately Kevin emerged from the wreck unhurt and promptly went about signing autographs with fans on the mountain. Legend has it that KB bludged a ciggie from a punter as well!

4. Tom Walkinshaw startline crash – 1984

The famous start line accident saw Tesoriero in the Camaro hit the Wang Jaguar of Tom Walkinshaw, which then ploughed into the path of the Williamson Supra. The accident completely blocked the track on Pit Straight and caused only the 2nd restart of The Great Race.

5. Mike Burgmann crash on conrod straight – 1986

Tragedy struck the Great Race in 1986, when Mike Burgmann became the first driver to die while competing at the mountain. His Holden Commodore got airborne over the second hump on Conrod Straight and he lost control and went head on into the barriers at Bridgestone Bridge. For 1987 the “Caltex Chase” was added to slow the cars down before the hump.

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