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Marina Rolls Royce Special

More than Adequate: Marina Rolls Royce Special V8 Volume

In mankind’s timeless quest to cram the most power into the lightest frame, Alan Mann found a way to squeeze a 6.25-litre V8 Rolls-Royce engine into this one-off Marina Rolls Royce Special, and we’re glad he …

BMW M1 – Onboard at Laguna Seca – Video

What an unbelievable sound! Let’s go for a blast in the M1.

Video: The Fiat X1-9 from hillclimb hell!

This is what you get when you combine a tiny Fiat X1-9 with a high powered Suzuki GSX-R1000 motor. It’s been called one of the most nimble hillclimb cars in the world.


Memorable moments from the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Spa

The Belgium Grand Prix at Spa, home of the “greatest racing circuit in the world” is a favourite on the Formula 1 calendar for both drivers and fans alike. Over the years we have seen …

Sunday Movie: The Michael Schumacher F1 Story

This intimate interview offers an insight into the unbelievable career of one of the most formidable racing drivers of all time. Spoken in his own words, this is the Michael Schumacher F1 story.

AC Cobra 289

Video: Quality Time with an AC Cobra 289

Spend 45 delicious seconds with one of Carrol Shelby’s awe inspiring AC Cobra 289s in this short and sweet video.

Video: Inside Porsche’s secret warehouse

Some of these cars are so secret, even Volkswagen doesn’t know about them. Let’s take a peek inside Porsche’s secret warehouse.

Cologne Capri RS onboard – That Cosworth Howl

Just listen to that Cosworth GAA V6 scream! The Cologne Capri RS is responsible for one of the greatest mechanical sounds of all time.