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Video: Building the fastest car in the world

In 1957 MG built the fastest car in the world, before transporting it all the way from Britain to Bonneville to prove it.

205 Turbo 16

Video: Peugeot to return to Dakar

Peugeot were an unstoppable, all-conquering force during the Dakar during the late 1980s. Now after a 25 year hiatus, they’re back.

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Video: 1990s Isle of Man karting is the most terrifying thing ever

This is one slice of motorsport we’re glad to be watching via onboard cam, rather than driving ourselves!


Interview: Niki Lauda on buying into racing, his bravest lap, and the sound of 2014 F1 engines

Fantastic in depth interview with 3 times F1 world champ Niki Lauda.

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Video: Jean Ragnotti’s party trick

It takes Jean Ragnotti all of ten seconds to prove he’s still the master of the R5 Maxi Turbo.


“My balls were on fire!” – Gerhard Berger on his shocking Imola crash

Gerhard Berger talks about his horrifying crash during the San Marion Grand Prix 25 years ago.

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Video: Tarmac rally insanity

Breathtaking in-car footage captures the madness of a full-tilt tarmac run.

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Video: Williams in 60 seconds

Williams know exactly what you want – to drool all over their greatest F1 machinery whilst spending just one minute of your time.