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Overtake Ayrton Senna

Overtake Ayrton Senna – A how-to by Nelson Piquet

How to overtake Ayrton Senna – an eleven second demonstration by none other than Nelson Piquet.

Rover-BRM: The gas turbine car

Rover-BRM: Gas Turbine monster

Le Mans didn’t know what hit it when the Rover-BRM Gas Turbine car showed up.

go kart

Go kart king – Parking like a pro

This kid is going places, forwards or backwards, most probably in a go kart.

all cars

Lotus Track Days – How to Have Fun, Make Friends and Go Faster

In 1996 Lotus released a mid-engined rear wheel drive sports car that was made out of plastic, stuck together with glue and defined by a stunning aluminium chassis. That car was the original Elise and nearly twenty …

Targa Florio

Targa Florio – A regular day with the champ’ (1970)

Brian Redman won the Targa Florio in 1970. Here he is practicing beforehand in a normal, road going Porsche 914.

Peter Brock 1987

Peter Brock – Behind the scenes (video)

This rare piece of video footage gives us an extraordinary look into the race-weekend mindset of the most loved Australian racing car driver to ever live. Peter Brock.

Peerless GT

Peerless GT – Father & Son (video)

The Peerless GT – An awesome little late 1950s British creation that you’ve probably never heard of.

Matra V12

Le Mans Classic – 10 Things we discovered

Ten things which took us completely by surprise.