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1979 Bathurst 1000 – End of an Era – Video

With another Bathurst 1000 run and won, we look back at this film put together at the 1979 event, which Peter Brock won by 6 laps.

Jaguar XJR 15 race – 1991 – Monaco

A field of 1/2 million pound Jags, Murray Walker commentating and drivers with names like Warwick, Brabham, Needell, Euser and Wolleck. This was the 1991 Monaco Grand Prix Jaguar XJR 15 race.

Ford Cortina GT – 1966 – Video

Spend a couple of minutes with this drop-dead gorgeous 1966 Ford Cortina GT. You won’t regret it, we promise.

Niki Lauda – “We need to change Formula One”

Three time World Champion Niki Lauda speaks out, calling for more aggressive, faster Formula One cars which are more difficult to drive, and more exciting to watch.

Pit & Paddock

Discover the Life of Motorsport in Pit & Paddock

Images: Auto-Archives, Photography by Peter Darley
Pit & Paddock: Unseen 60s & 70s European Motor Racing Images goes behind the scenes with never-before-seen images which tell the story of motorsport as it was in Europe and the …

Formula 1 Driving Lesson Martin Brundle

A Formula 1 Driving Lesson: “Your Eyes are the Last Reference Point”

This Formula 1 driving lesson from Martin Brundle in a works Ferrari Formula 1 car is six minutes of insane jealousy and fun. It even gets a little bit emotional!

Crashes in racing through the years (video)

Five minutes of metal-crunching carnage.

Peter Brock Bathurst

Be Roused by the Heroes of the Bathurst 1000

The Bathurst 1000 has forged the legends of many Australian motorsport heroes through more than five decades of fierce competition on the iconic circuit.
This video, Channel 7 Australia’s opener for 2012’s 50th Anniversary V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000, …