Michael Schumacher story

Sunday Movie: The Michael Schumacher F1 Story

This intimate interview offers an insight into the unbelievable career of one of the most formidable racing drivers of all time. Spoken in his own words, this is the Michael Schumacher F1 story.

AC Cobra 289

Video: Quality Time with an AC Cobra 289

Spend 45 delicious seconds with one of Carrol Shelby’s awe inspiring AC Cobra 289s in this short and sweet video.

Porsche's secret warehouse

Video: Inside Porsche’s secret warehouse

Some of these cars are so secret, even Volkswagen doesn’t know about them. Let’s take a peek inside Porsche’s secret warehouse.

Ford Cologne Capri

Cologne Capri RS onboard – That Cosworth Howl

Just listen to that Cosworth GAA V6 scream! The Cologne Capri RS is responsible for one of the greatest mechanical sounds of all time.

Singer Porsche 911

Singer Porsche 911 – Photo of the Day

When it comes to custom cars, the Singer Porsche 911 is the ultimate gentleman’s accessory.

Nissan 300ZX IMSA

Nissan 300ZX IMSA – Laguna Seca – Onboard

It’s been 20 years since two-time IMSA GTS champ’ Steven Millen piloted this 850 horsepower monster at Laguna Seca.


Jean Alesi – Spa F1 GP 1993 ( photo of the day)

Jean Alesi – Ferrari F93A Belgium Grand Prix 1993


The Many Motorcars of the Monterey Auction Week

Image: Bonhams
Over the past seven days, in a pretty little town reminiscent of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs‘ Swallow Falls, US$400 million changed hands in exchange for 750-odd classic cars.
They went under the hammer during the traditional …