Video: Mental rally driver jumps his BMW

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a BMW 3 series.

Derek Warwick canada 1988

Photo of the day: Derek Warwick (1988)

Derek Warwick caught on his way to a big crash during qualifying for the 1988 Canadian Grand Prix

Video: Dan Gurney – That first 200mph lap

The speeds at Indy became very serious during the 1970s.

Video: Onboard the 4-rotor IMSA RX-7

So this is what it’s like to drive a priceless, four rotor piece of Mazda history.

1963 LOTUS 23B

Adding Lightness to Sportscar Racing: 1963 Lotus 23B For Sale

Image: Grand Prix Classics
This little racer, up for sale at Grand Prix Classics, is a great example from Lotus’ sportscar racing history and would make an awesome historic racer.

Video: A story of Brabham

Ron Tauranac met Jack Brabham in 1962 and started the Brabham Constructor and Racing team. This is that story.

Video: Crazy onboard footage – Ford Escort rally

Two liters of thunder, hauling full tilt up hill.

Porsche 917

Gear: Porsche 917 X 17 Publisher’s Edition

Image: David Bull Publishing
“While the memory of many successful racing cars fades with time, that of the 917 has endured, passing not just into Porsche history but motorsport folklore itself. Amazing when you consider it raced …