Raleigh Splitfire Hardcase

Gear: Raleigh Spitfire Hardcase

We’re almost sure it wasn’t the creators intention, but all we think about when we gaze upon this Spitfire-themed aluminium briefcase, is a damn cool file-carrier that looks like a ’60s F1 racer.

Renault F1 - Piquet crash

Crashgate on video – The scandal that rocked F1

The 2008 Singapore GP played witness to one of the most controversial ‘accidents’ in Formula 1 history.

Monaco 1953

eBay find of the day: Monaco art-deco prints

Passively interested in that garage-wall filler that won’t break the budget? Looking for a print that’ll bring a bit of GP flavour into the home? Chasing something to lighten up that dull office cubicle? We …

Rindt - 1969

Rindt to Chapman: “I can only drive a car in which I have some confidence”

The eerie scan below is a letter written by Jochen Rindt in 1969, the first year in which he drove for Team Lotus. At the time of writing Rindt was still recovering from his terrible …

Alfa Romeo 8C-35

The six million pound man – The most expensive Alfa Romeo ever sold

A new worldwide auction record was set on the weekend at Goodwood, with this 1935-6 Alfa Romeo Tipo 8C-35 leaving the lot for £5,937,500. This makes it the most expensive Alfa ever sold, but why?

Nevco Motorsport Accessories

Get Racing with Nevco’s Awesome Motorsport Accessories

Historic racing is a grassroots affair for most, and the luxuries of a team truck and pit crew may seem like a distant dream. But with the huge amount of support enjoyed by motorsport enthusiasts …

John Cobb

Video: John Cobb dies in Water Speed Record attempt, 1952

In 1939 John Cobb became the fastest man on land, a title which he would confirm by resetting his own land speed record in 1947.

kenny brack

Video: Kenny Brack and a sideways GT40 – Goodwood Revival

Quick hands become a bare necessity when guiding a mid-engined GT40 across the slick surface of Goodwood at high speed. Indy hero Kenny Brack was up to the task at the 2013 Revival, ignoring the …