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F1 steering wheel – The Evolution

Submitted by on October 3, 2014

F1 Steering WheelIn the early days of Grand Prix racing the steering wheel was a tool with which to change the direction of a race car. Today’s F1 steering wheel is a complete race management system for making on-the-fly adjustments, and more.

With the assistance of The Cahier Archive, let’s wind the clock back to 1964 and take a look back on 50 years of F1 steering wheel development. Which is your favorite era?

Steeringwheel_1964_Italy_01_BC1964 (Italy)

Andretti_1976_Germany_01_PHC1976 (Germany, Andretti)

Jarier_1980_Canada_01_PHC1980 (Canada)

Graphics_1982_Monaco_01_PHC1982 (Monaco)

Boutsen_1987_Hungary_02_PHC1987 (Hungary, Bousten)

McLaren_1989_Brazil_01_PHC1989 (Brazil)

Berger_1995_Monaco_01_PHC1995 (Monaco, Berger)

Graphics_2001_Monaco_01_PHC2001 (Monaco) – What a big difference six years made!

Graphics_2003_Australia_01_PHC2003 (Australia)


2009 (Australia)

Steeringwheel_2011_Italy_01_PHC2011 (Italy)


2012 (Canada)

Steeringwheel_2013_Canada_03_PHC2013 (Canada)

Images: The Cahier Archive

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