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Jackie Stewart is a Legend of Racing

Submitted by on October 3, 2014

Jackie Stewart

“When I was racing in those years motor racing was dangerous, and sex was safe. The swinging sixties!” – Jackie Stewart

Known of course for his incredible racing talent and his work with safety in motorsport, Sir Jackie Stewart is a special man.

He is like the iceberg of Formula 1 – his career as a driver incredibly influential and successful in and of itself, but his impact on the sport spanning far greater work through the decades that followed.

In this video from Roads & Rides we enjoy the insight of a thoughtful and erudite man, who clearly has a great passion for motorsport, and Formula 1 in particular.

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Jackie talks about safety half-inches apart at 210 miles per hour, and how that’s changed through the years, the blossoming of motorsport and his world after racing. He provides unique insight into the Monaco Grand Prix in the days of Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, gives a great driver’s answer to the car he’d be racing today and finishes with thoughts on the many drivers who inspire him.

He comes across as a fiercely intelligent man with a great depth of knowledge, especially in the technical and business aspects of the sport, and makes this a particularly engaging piece. Enjoy it.

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