Holden HD/HR Bathurst Debut

HD/HR Holden X2: The General’s mysterious 1960s ‘muscle’ car

Image: The Shannons Club
“The worst Holden I’ve ever driven.” – Bob Watson
With skinny track dimensions, a short wheelbase, big and heavy body, forward-mounted motor, drum brakes and narrow wheels, Holden’s HD/HR Holden X2s did not …

1982 Renault RE30B Formula One

RM Auctions Monaco Highlight: 1982 Renault RE30B Formula One

René Arnoux’ ride for eight races of the 1982 Formula 1 season, this mighty turbo Formula 1 car is an awesome example of one of Formula 1’s most spectacular chapters, and with racing history to …

paper f1 car

Video: Paper Dreams

The amazing three-minute story of how one man went from making F1 cars from paper, to designing the real thing for Red Bull.

1990 French Grand Prix Tyrrell 019 Jean Alesi

Photo of the Day: Jean Alesi

Jean Alesi scrapes some of the fresh paint from his beautifully presented Tyrrell F1 car at the 1990 French Grand Prix.


A tribute to Ayrton Senna

This full length feature covers the amazing life of Ayrton Senna.

Hill climb onboard video

Video: Flat-out, open-wheel hill climb

Hang on tight – this is a wild one!

Jackie Stewart 1968 Germany

Photo of the day: Jackie’s finest victory

The Matra Cosworth MS10 of Sir Jackie Stewart leaves a huge rooster tail as the Scotsman battles his way through adverse weather conditions on his way to one of the great victories of his career. …


Video: Keeping BRM alive

A touching story of two men working on some of the most amazing machines to ever see the track.