Jack Brabham Prints

eBay find of the day: Jack Brabham Prints

We’ve just come across a piece of artwork on eBay which is right up our alley – an airbrushed trio of  three stunning Grand Prix race cars, as driven by Jack Brabham.

James Hunt Monaco 1975

Video: On the Hunt – Monaco 1975

When a moment between James Hunt and Patrick Depailler resulted in an accident at the 1975 Monaco GP, Hunt saw red and in the heat of the moment after skidding into the barrier, decided to hang …

Stirling Moss

Photo of the Day: Stirling Moss – Lawn mower racer

Got wing? Stirling Moss circa 1975

Lister Jaguar

Video Restoration – Bringing back the Lister Jaguar

The nature of racing means that individual cars which have had careers spanning decades often end up crashed, repaired, upgraded and restored so many times that they barely resemble their original selves. Is it right …

Honda 1992 Japan

Test a McLaren MP4/7 with Senna and Berger

Image: The Cahier Archive
“Although we won a few titles before, we feel that this year is going to be even harder than the last year.” – Ayrton Senna
Ayrton Senna and his McLaren-Honda team had a new set …

James Hunt

Gallery: Eight reasons we wish we were James Hunt

Even more comfortable in the presence of beautiful women than he was behind the wheel of a McLaren, James Hunt embodied the playboy sporting legend like few others ever will. It’s rumored that he became …

Dan Gurney 1967 Eagle MK1

Video: Dan Gurney returns to Spa

When Dan Gurney won the 1967 Belgian Grand Prix driving the Eagle MK1 it was a pretty big deal. It is still considered to be the first and only an American car to have won …

1989 Le Mans Porsche Racing Fire

Video: The Ultimate Tribute to Group C

Perhaps even more thrilling than the years of turbocharged Formula 1 were the Group C racers of the same era. Manufacturers were given a huge amount of autonomy following a brief which resulted in a …