Elf Tyrell Ford F1 model Corgi

eBay find of the day: Discontinued Jackie Stewart Tyrrell 006 model

Racing number aside, this die-cast Tyrrell-Ford is a faithful 1:36 scale recreation of the 006 in which Jackie Stewart won the 1973 F1 World Championship.

Scheckter and Warr Holland 1978

Photo of the day: Jody Scheckter and Peter Warr

Peter Warr giving Jody Scheckter a few quick points of direction during the Dutch Grand Prix of 1978. Scheckter didn’t place well in the GP, however his luck was on the cusp of changing – …

Codemasters F1 2013 Classic

Teaser: Formula 1 2013 Classic Edition

Superb rendering, authentic sounds and a frame rate that looks so quick it’s guaranteed to raise your pulse. Take a look at the latest F1 2013 trailer from Codemasters.

1974 Porsche 911 Turbo RSR

Photo of the day: 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo RSR

1974 Porsche 911 Turbo RSR

Ferrari 312 F1-67

The 10 most beautiful Ferrari Formula 1 racers

There’s something special about each car Ferrari builds for Formula 1 – some have penned the history books, others have proved disappointing, and of course many have been champions. Ferrari has been involved with Formula …

Chapman and Andretti 1978

Photo of the day: Chapman and Andretti

A moment of peace between Colin Chapman and Mario Andretti at the 1978 Spanish Grand Prix, in the year that he would become World Champion. Andretti won the race by a shade under 20 seconds, …

Niki Lauda Crash

Video: Niki Lauda’s fiery Nurburgring crash 1976

Shocking footage of Niki Lauda’s fiery accident during the 1976 German F1 Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.


Holden HJ HX

Holden HJ/HX Coupes: The Forgotten Monaros

Nearly forty years on, Holden’s HJ and HX Monaro Coupes can be appreciated as the finest and most refined of the original Monaro Coupes. But it wasn’t always that way.