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BRM stickers and Facebook group

Submitted by on October 27, 2008

n595150870_2043628_6664As you can see from that last post im a big fan of old stickers, so much so that im going to add a new category called “Logos and Stickers”.

Anyway, on my Facebook travels I came across a group called O.R.M.A. – the Facebook home for friends and supporters of BRM. The Owen Racing Motors Association (O.R.M.A), was the official supporters group for BRM.

BRM won the drivers and Constructors World Championship in in 1962 with Graham Hill aboard the 1.5 Litre V8 BRM P57

The Marlboro stickers above are from the 1973 season when BRM ran a three car team with drivers Niki Lauda, Clay Regazzoni and Jean-Pierre Beltoise.

BRM was the first team to bring Marlboro to F1 back in 1972. Of course since then they have been massive spenders in F1, sponsoring numerous drivers and teams, most famously McLaren in the 80s and recently Ferrari.

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