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Can-Am Road America 1967

Submitted by on October 29, 2008

I just found this footage of a Can Am race at Road America from 1967 and it’s completely awesome!

I love the idea of Can Am and wonder why there isn’t anything like it today. These days everything is a control formula in some way, wouldn’t it be nice to see some crazy machines again?

Can Am was essentially a formule libre for sports cars. The regulations were minimal and permitted unlimited engine sizes and allowed turbo charging and supercharging. The aerodynamics were basically unrestricted  and therefore Can Am was as close as any major international racing series has ever got to “anything goes”. As long as the car had two seats and bodywork enclosing the wheels, and met basic safety standards, it was legal.

Image014As a result of these fantastic regulations the series attracted the worlds best drivers and teams.

Watch the footage and look out for the dominating McLaren M6A Chevrolet #5 of Denny Hulme, Jim Hall’s Chaparral 2G #66, with movable high wing, and the Lola T70s of Mark Donohue #6, John Surtees #7, and Dan Gurney #36.

043008-1422-raceprofile1Don’t forget to turn up the volume and enjoy the roar of those huge V8s!

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