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Love The Beast: Now Available on DVD

Submitted by on July 17, 2009

Love the Beast, the Eric Bana film about his 25 year love affair with his 1974 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe is now available on DVD

When asked about why he decided to make the movie, Bana said …

“My hobby happens to be racing and restoring old cars and loving them, and it occurred to me that it’s a very common thing in the world, people that have passions and hobbies, and I wanted to make a film about how important they are in our lives.”

The Falcon was Bana’s first ever car and, cashed up from his Hollywood success, he planned to rebuild it in preparation for an assault on Targa Tasmania.

Cue Eric and his three closest friends, the best roads in the world, the XB, and a rally ending  crash on day four of the race and you have the recipe for a unique film.

Adding to the appeal of the DVD are Banas interviews with Jeremy Clarkson who suggests “all muscle cars are crap”, car nut Jay Leno who says “I have a relationship with all my cars” and US talk show host Dr Phil McGraw who offers his insight and perspective on why and how a car enthusiast can love a car. It’s an interesting angle which attempts to explains the rationale behind our car obsessions.

“The title of the film is not just a nickname for the car,” Bana recently told a magazine. ” The message is that you should love your beast, whatever the beast in your life might be.”

The videos are  a segment from A Current Affair, the Official Trailer,and the crash

Get a copy here.

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