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McLaren M1C Recreation by LMP Engineering

Submitted by on July 17, 2009

2Art. No other word better sums up this staggeringly beautiful recreation of the McLaren M1 C Can-Am car.

It is built by German firm LMP Engineering to demonstrate the potential of 3D-CAD hybrid modeling software in combination with CAD/CAM production technologies such as 3D-Tube laser cutting and bending, 3D-machining and surface scanning in recreating a car.


The Can Am M1 C was inspired by the McLaren M1 C which raced in the 1966-1967 Canadian-American Challenge Cup (CAN-AM). The M1C belongs to the first series of sports racing car built by team McLaren. The original McLaren  M1C, sold as Mark 3s, were generally powered by Chevrolet engines, although Ford or Oldsmobile options were also listed. The model was a further development of the M1B with a separate rear spoiler wing. Twenty-five were built and were sold in the USA as McLaren Elva Mark 3s.


The Can-Am M1C chassis is designed to take Chevrolet small block engines and is semi stressed to add to the chassis rigidity. The engine installed in the prototype version features four 48 IDA carburretors.

Mc Laren Can Am

The performance of the original cars was staggering thanks to 500bhp V8 engines and total weights of just under 600kg, specifications that the LMP version has also recreated.


LMP engineering is taking orders for those keen to get themselves behind the wheel.  We’ll take two thanks!






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